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Social Media: A Message to Humanity.

social media-Jesse edwards-anonymous mask- oil painting

Anonymous Mask. Oil Painting by Jesse Edwards

Social Media is the most powerful form of communication known to mankind. We can choose to use social media constructively with words of encouragement, or like Katie Hopkins, destructively with words of despair.

Social media is taking the first steps towards a real humanity. It has energy, driven by human power. It has the ability to help, to heal, to hinder, to hurt, to harm, to humiliate and to humble.

And to make happiness.

Facebook screams at injustice. Twitter cries at barbarism. Snapchat weeps at unkindness. That’s why social media is our human right. It’s the here and it’s the now.

To deny people the right to social media is to reduce their right to humanity.

Put it like this…

You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.

Mahatma Gandhi

Albert Einstein once said that it had “become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.”

Really? Has it? Social media is taking the first steps towards a new humanity. It can save our Mother Earth.

We can no longer put our trust in politicians because they fail to help us see the common humanity in others. Their stylized circumlocutions can only make our fellow man seem ridiculous or irrelevant: They never talk about what is really going on.

It’s now up to us…..THE PEOPLE.

Welcome to the fifth estate… press play.

Facebook Censors Drowned Refugees.

European flag-banksy-facebook

European Flag: by Banksy

This is a story about Facebook and their censoring of refugees. On August 28, 2015, a boat filled with Palestinian and Syrian refugees sank off the coast of Libya. More than 150 refugees were drowned. Many of them children.

Khaled Barakeh is a well-known and widely exhibited artist from Syria. On August 29th he posted an album of photographs to his Facebook page. It was entitled Multicultural Graveyard. Six of the photographs showed the drowned children who had been washed ashore after the shipwreck.

The photographs were grim, sorrowful and devastating. When the Peoples of Facebook saw them they shared…. more than a 100,000 times.

Then on August 31, Facebook moderators deleted all Khalid’s pictures. They didn’t say why.



You’ve got to be kidding!!!

I guess we all know that unless you’re selling used tampons through one of Facebook’s vending machines Mark Zuckerberg will always cringe at the sight of anything that looks remotely disturbing.

That said, it’s still hard to believe that an industrialised operation like Facebook should behave like this.

After seeing the post disappear from his timeline one outraged Facebook user had this to say;

“Censorship in Amerika! Shame on you Facebook. Given your reasoning CBS and Walter Cronkite should never have reported on the Vietnam war in the way that they did. Knowledge is power and you’re trying to disempower movements designed to address the gross inequities in our world. Shame on you Facebook!”

Well that’s right. After all where’s their sense of right and wrong. Their morality. The justice.

Clearly Facebook is run by ageing hippies and muesli munchers who stay awake at night worrying about the evils of our world and all it’s insalubrious intentions. And yet they’ll still censor those brave enough to take a stand against it.

NOTE TO TWITTER: If you need any further proof that Zuckerberg is out of touch and destined to be overthrown then this is your golden moment. Please issue a fatwa (or something) and get the ball rolling.



Here’s those censored pictures.

Source: Uncutworld.com

#SyriaCrisis – Artists Respond.

Art #syriaCrisis

#SyriaCrisis. The days of predators trolling the Internet for underaged victims seems quite tame now compared to storming though a poverty stricken village and gunning down entire families.

Yes, the adventure holiday that is jihad. The bitter teen migration.

Psychological experts say that by butchering people on camera these people will suffer long lasting mental traumas. Well good call experts. However you can’t possibly tell me that Europe has a plan to end the tragedy that is massing on our borders.

I’m not about to jump on Europe’s politicians for their poor response to this #SyriaCrisis. My response sucks. So does my plan for Syria.

So what about my fellow artists. What do they have to say.

Just so as you know, the word artist is another term for unemployed. And yet artists are super clever. They see things and then create engagement all around them. Artists see naked and then paint it on canvass. Artists can turn logic into ridiculous and pain into beauty. An artist can reshape the different and make it acceptable.

Art comes from art because art is our visual freedom of speech.

Here’s what the artists have said on social media about the #SyriaCrisis.

Art #syriaCrisis

Art #syriaCrisis Art #syriaCrisis Art #syriaCrisis Art #syriaCrisis Art #syriaCrisis

RIP: Galip And Aylan – Refugees.


Last night I was one step away from a cool glass of Pinot when I stopped and made myself a herbal tea instead. It was the right thing to do. Sky news had just reported that the bodies of two Kurdish brothers had washed up on a beach in Turkey. Their parents were fleeing the brutal war in Syria. The two children along with their Mother had just become victims of it.

Galip Kurdi was five years old, his little brother Aylan three. They were on an overcrowded dinghy which left the holiday resort of Bodrum Turkey headed for the Greek island of Kos. Despite the calm waters it capsized. All 17 refugees were flung into the sea. 13 of them have died.

The boys’ Dad, Abdullah was the only member of the family to make it back to shore.

Another dinghy in the flotilla, which was carrying a further 16 refugees, also capsized.

The Turkish authorities have reported that eight people drowned and another four are still missing. Only four managed to survive.

This morning most of our daily newspapers have front paged this tragic story. Their reports are more detailed and informative than mine.

However, we live in the age of the refugee, a generation of exile. Our newspapers have failed to bring us it’s reality, what being a refugee actually means. On a human level. The suffering. The lost people of a soulless world.

Heartbreaking photographs of the dead brothers have now emerged. They are below. Should we have published them? I don’t know, most of the newspapers chose not to because the pictures are truly distressing.

Tragedy begins where there is misunderstanding. Our silence and lack of assistance for these people is not understood by many. I think it was Joseph Stalin who said that the death of one is tragic. The death of millions is a statistic.

Is that how history will record these tragic events? Statistics?

I’d like to say that I genuinely care about these poor abandoned people. These terrified refugees. I genuinely want to see them find peace. Someday. Somewhere. I want them to find their joy. Once more.

Rest in Peace Galup Kurdi. Refugee.

Galip Kurdi-refugee

Rest in Peace Aylan Kurdi. Refugee. 

Aylan Kurdi-refugee

Wildlife Photographer Of The Year Awards.

WildLife Photographer awards

Cecil the Lion destroyed the theory that a big game hunter can shoot whatever he damn well likes. Walter Palmer was your typical big game hunter who liked to shoot the hell out of large sub-Saharan wildlife. So he shot Cecil the Lion.

When the World Wide Web found out it protested and protested and protested.

Poor old Palmer became an instant pariah, an outcast, persona non grata, an undesirable, a horrible none-person. The world and everyone in it simply hated him. At first Palmer tried to pull the hunter exemption crap as his defense. All that twaddle about hunters protecting wildlife, helping to cull the herd, hunting licence fees going to conservation efforts. Bla Bla Bla…

Those excuses may well have had some validity but nobody gave a shit because Palmer had Facebooked selfies of himself holding a dead lion’s head.

Some people believe that animals are sacrosanct because they can talk in Disney movies. My girlfriend earnestly believes that wild animals are simply nature’s cute and cuddly do-gooders. Y’know what? I’m going to tell her she’s absolutely right. and then try and have sex with her.

But seriously, lets talk about shooting animals…. not with guns with cameras.

Wildlife photographers do exactly that.

People are beginning to realise just how important it is that we see the world’s most beautiful animals in their natural habitat.

If you’re a wildlife photographer then you’re going to show the world who these animals really are, how they work and give us a 35mm glimpse into their mysterious behaviour.

Through a wildlife photographers eyes we get to see butterflies drinking turtle tears. Through a wildlife lens we see how luminous glow worms eat their slimy dinner. Through a wildlife camera we can see fleeing salmon pursued by hungry dolphin mouthes.

Wonderful creatures, mesmerising pictures. We get to see reality, frozen in a 60th of a second.

And in case you’re wondering this is exactly why we can’t wear dead animals.

This is also why the annual Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards are so crucial. The awards are a thank you to you, the photographers for bringing us these wonderful creatures in all their pictorial glory.

The winning photographs will all be on display at The Natural History Museum from the 16th October. Advance tickets are now on sale.

Thanks fellas.

Angelina Jolie. Rare Photographs For Sale.

Angelina Jolie,rare,photographs,sale

Angelina Jolie probably hasn’t eaten a sandwich since Girl Interrupted. If she lost another five pounds and her jaw jutted out anymore then we’d chalk that up to heroism in the face of the enemy.

Face of the enemy? Paparazzi photographers. They’re the enemy. Their photographs. Yes, they’re the enemy alright.

Celebrities have yet to figure out an effective way of expressing their frustration with the paparazzi and their photographs. There’s the middle finger, but that only serves to double the value of the photograph. Then there’s the face covered in a designer handbag, but that only exposes your unsightly fat and unseemly bulges.

Of course you can try kicking and spitting at the paparazzi, that might work but then they’ll sue and you’ll have to pay them lots of money.

There’s literally nothing you can do other than not becoming famous in the first place. That doesn’t seem like a viable option. Not really.

If I were still a ‘professional photographer’ then Angelina Jolie would scare me like no other woman on Earth, except for my Polish dentist, the girlfriend I accidentally cheated on (who set fire to my car) and of course HiDs my current girlfriend who’s a combination of the aforementioned two.

But what about Kate Garner? She’s a professional photographer and she’s not afraid of anyone. Kate was expelled from school at the age of 16 and became a runaway. She then joined a cult, the Children of God. Wiki says that to escape that cult Kate hitchhiked all the way from London to India, where she lived as a traveller. Then Kate came home and messed around in the music industry before launching a successful career in the visual arts. Photography.

Yes, Kate’s tough. Kate Garner isn’t afraid of a woman like Angelina Jolie. No sir. Back in 1995 she took a twenty year-old Angelina into a studio and kicked her ass! She then covered Angelina’s face in makeup and started taking photographs of her. I think the insurance company insisted on Angelina’s ankles being tethered. Health and Safety… and all that.

Angelina Jolie,photographs,rare, for sale

Fast forward to now. Kate’s black and white images of Angelina Jolie have now gone on sale at London’s Zebra One Gallery in Hampstead, London. They’re pretty damn rare too. To hang one of Kate’s photographs on your wall it’ll set you back £1,800.

I know you will say that it takes a proper photographer to tame a woman like Angelina Jolie. I’m not that photographer. I never was. I don’t want to tame her. It’s too much work. But Kate Garner?

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