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Bobbi Kristina Has Died.

Bobbi Kristina-rip,newsmediaimages.com

Whitney Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown is now in heaven. Yesterday afternoon Bobbi Kristina took the hand of an angel and was led up through the clouds to be reunited with her mother in the place of eternal peace. Bobbi Kristina died peacefully at the Peachtree Christian Hospice in Duluth, Georgia. She was just 22.

At the end of January, her brother/husband/boyfriend, Nick Gordon found Bobbi Kristina laying face down in a bathtub. She was rushed to hospital and put on a life support machine. Later she was placed in an induced coma. Bobbi Kristina stayed at the hospital for the next two months before her devastated family moved her to a rehabilitation center.

Last month, Bobbi Kristina was moved into a hospice after doctors said there was nothing more they could do and that her condition was getting worse. The family then took her off all medication.

The District Attorney has reportedly been investigating Nick Gordon, because he thinks Nick may have had something to do with why Bobbi Kristina lost consciousness lost in the first place. In a lawsuit Bobbi Kristina’s conservator has accused Gordon of stealing her money, physically abusing her and pretending to be her husband.

The Houston family said that Bobbi Kristina was surrounded by her family when she floated away to heaven. They released this statement.

“She is finally at peace in the arms of God. We want to again thank everyone for their tremendous amount of love and support during these last few months.”

Rest in peace, Bobbi Kristina.

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Baron John Sewel – Cokie Pokey!

Baron John Sewel,Coke,exposee,newsmediaimages.com

Baron John Sewel might be wondering if there is anything more damaging to a peer’s reputation than allegations of him snorting cocaine and behaving like a slut.

It hasn’t been verified yet your Lordship but no, actually there isn’t.

John Buttifant Sewel, aka Baron Sewel CBE, BA, MScEcon, PhD, LL.D is the deputy speaker of the House of Lords. He is also the peer of the realm responsible for ‘overseeing standards‘ in the House of Lords.

Now, put down your coffee and brace yourself, because it turns out that the Sun-on-Sunday have published a story in which they claim to have obtained video footage of Baron John Sewel which apparently shows him snorting a ‘white substance’ through a rolled-up bank note.

The ‘terribles tabloïd’ have also claimed that the married peer partied with ladies whom they suspect of practicing ‘hookery’. HOOKERY!

Oh, I know, I couldn’t believe it either. The paper writes:

A MARRIED peer in charge of upholding standards in the House of Lords has been caught on video snorting cocaine with a pair of £200-a-night hookers. 

Baron John Sewel, 69 — Deputy Speaker of the Lords and once a key ally of ex-PM Tony Blair — stripped naked for one sleazy romp at his rent-protected London flat. 

Last month he was also pictured snorting coke with hookers at a sordid sex party after asking: “What about trying the big one?”

The peer, in charge of upholding standards in the House of Lords, sniffed the Class A drug from one call girl’s breasts.

And he told the women — each paid £200 for the session at his rent-protected London flat: “I just want to be led astray.’’

Sewel stripped naked for last week’s party, held behind the back of his wife Lady Jennifer.

(Via: Sun-on-Sunday)

So where is our hallowed Lordship today? Has he been hung, drawn and quartered, then left outside the Houses of Parliament for carrion birds to pick over as a warning to others? In a sense, yes he has but in another sense, no he hasn’t.

Last night Baron John Sewel slept in his own bed at his flat in London’s notorious Dolphin square. Today he will attempt the Sunday Times crossword and presumably struggle over five across which is a synonym for horny pensioner. Tomorrow he will go back to work and kick ass in the House of Lords.

And no, Baron John Sewel is not in any trouble with the police, none whatsoever. No charges of any kind have been filed against him. In fact I expect the police to bring him a plate of crumpets later today, just to prove that we live in a world where tabloid justice is most expeditious of court proceedings.

There, now everyone feels better. Let’s all get a proper job and join the House of Lords.

Picture mocked by: Artpopper.com.

Kate Moss Divorce And Katie Hopkins.

Kate Moss,katie Hopkins,divorce,newsmediaimages.comWelcome to another slow-ass news day. I’ve checked all the gossip columns this morning and there’s nothing is going on except for two tales of two Kates. Kate Moss and Katie Hopkins. For some time now both ladies have been on the nations highly coveted Stupid Cow List.

Today they’ve proved why they’re on that list. Lets start with Katie Hopkins.

Friday is the day in the week where Katie Hopkins gets to voice her half-assed opinions in the Sun newspaper.

While people across the world are dying from war, famine and disease, Katie covers the most important events of the week. This week she’s given her views on everything ranging from deluded vegans, seagulls and the loss of habitat for the lesser-spotted newt.

As usual Mrs Hopkins takes up most of her column inches tittering on about a range of mind numbing irrelevancies. However this week Mrs Horrible has also shown her hitherto unseen human side.

Here’s how.

Mrs Hopkins has penned a heartfelt letter to Jessica Lawson’s devastated family. You’ll remember how 12-year-old Jessica tragically drowned in France when a lakeside pontoon collapsed at a holiday camp while she was on a school trip.

Here’s a snippet:

“A mother must never lose a child before she dies, lest the natural order of life be disrupted.

I’m not sure there are answers for you in France. But there must be comfort in the closeness. 

And I just wanted to let you know, as a mum myself, that I am so sorry you have lost your baby.”

Via: The Sun

I hate myself for saying this but for the first time in like forever I have to agree with Mrs Hopkins. Well said Ma-am.

Now lets get set to rout Kate Moss.

There used to be a time when mothers could show off their nipples and the community would agree that they’d done their part. Not so Kate Moss. Over the years her “basic bitch” behaviour has been featured in all of the tabloid newspapers.

So many times has her unruly behaviour been featured that some believe Kate Moss should now be wrapped in a tyre and set on fire according to Sharia law.

For most women the end of a marriage comes about five minutes after they realise that they’re broke and their unemployed husband is a day away from blowing the housekeeping money on his next poker weekend. That’s how it goes for most couples at least.

Again, not so Kate Moss. The tabloids are all reporting that her husband Jamie Hince is waiting for her to file for divorce. Divorce!

An unnamed pal is quoted as saying:

“Jamie’s been clear that they’ve not been close for a long time. Kate’s always been beyond jealous about his female friends and he was sick of it.”

Not been close? Viagra has to be to blame here. While Kate Moss can still have sex while totally wasted, it’s nearly impossible for him.

“Jamie what are you doing in the living room with your ankles behind your head?”

Maybe there was a fist fight during a drunken night of Twister. Maybe the fridge started calling Jamie nasty names. I dunno, maybe it’s not too late to save their turbulent marriage of 4 years. Maybe if Jamie romanced Kate with a Smirnoff colonic then she’d not file the papers.

Of course there are a myriad of ways to deal with a fledgling divorce. If only they could only announce a pregnancy…. even from sperm donor.

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Harry Styles: #HarryAppreciationDay.

#HarryAppreciationDay,Directioners, harry styles

This never seen before picture of Harry Styles came in yesterday. It’s worth sharing because the One Directioners are still violently hurling random tweets at the all-around fantastics from boy band heaven.

The Directioners are still numb following the news that the pretty-faced one was leaving the group and they are still on edge after Louis discovered that babies don’t come from the cabbage patch.

They’ve also been knocked sideways by Simon Cowell who says he’s offered the band the option of breaking up later this year.

AND the woeful Directioners have had to deal with Harry Styles receiving death threats on Twitter.


This week the courageous little Directioners hit back. They’ve responded to all this gloomy news by tweeting appreciation hashtags. Each day an appreciation hashtag was tweeted for a member of the band.

The first day was tagged for Liam, the next for Louis and then Niall. Within minutes of launching them the Directioner’s hashtags trended globally.

Yesterday it was Harry’s turn. For the last 24 hours the #HarryAppreciationDay has been trending all across Twitter, the world and the outer reaches of the universe.

Here’s a sample:

You’re my sunshine & I couldn’t be more proud of how many souls you’ve brought happiness to #HarryAppreciationDay 😭

He’s so cute and sweet#HarryAppreciationDay


And maybe you’ll never know you’ve inspired me #HarryAppreciationDay


When that picture above came in from the Bronco agency yesterday I knew that the Directioners would say it was nothing more than the work of a scarlet crimpernel and had no business on the World Wide Web.

However, I thought to myself, go ahead, be brave Mike D.W – tell the world the truth already – add a hashtag – you’ll feel better for it.

So here you go. Harry also wants to leave One Direction so that he can launch a solo career.

Yes, Harry has been trying to distance himself from the rest of One Direction for the past year because he “considers himself to be on a different path to the other boys.

Well, one thing is for sure – if Harry doesn’t invest his money wisely, then that path might lead to a reality show, and not one of the good ones either where the chairs spin around.

A rep for One Direction hasn’t commented about this yet, probably because they’re too busy consoling a very confused Harry Styles.

Vladimir Wilson – Lotto Fake.

Vladimir Wilson,Lotto,con,newsmediaimages.com

Vladimir Wilson has been busy with Judge Geordie and executive producing his own spectacle of shameless self indulgence.

The self-styled playboy has been telling anyone who’ll pay attention to him that he won £5million on the lottery. Vladimir also posted hundreds of pictures to Instagram depicting his champagne lifestyle.

Vladimir’s social media accounts, all of which he has now made private, contained pictures of sports cars, designer watches, nights out at trendy hotspots and even a private jet. His Twitter bio reads “Money may not buy happiness but I’d rather cry in a Bentley than on a bus,”

As it turns out Vladimir Wilson has been exposed as a rather boring little man with an even smaller penis than George Osbourne’s.

The Sun newspaper have discovered that Vladimir has never even won a game of pick-up-sticks let alone the lottery. He is actually a jobless fake living in a dingy bedsit in East London.

The Sun also discovered that Vladimir owes people more than £20,000 and has two splendid CCJs to his name.

When the tabloid presented him with their findings they asked him if he really had won the lottery. Vladimir replied: “No, I haven’t is the answer.”

With the help of his amazing lottery lie Vladir Wilson has fooled several TV reality shows. He has appeared on Girlfriends, Judge Geordie and has been filming a Channel 5 documentary. He’s even made a pilot for a game show for a firm called Monkey Kingdom.

The Sun say that they tumbled to Vladimir’s nonsense after he claimed he’d spent ALL his money on sex. That’s 50 shades of a chap who’s just got whatever shit the Sun had coming to him.

Well I think everyone in Britain would have been better off not knowing about Vladimir Wilson. Now the Sun won’t STFU about him. Only, they’re not sharing the sexy stuff about his reasonably priced girlfriends. You know, the stuff one might be interested to read about. No, just the mundane boring conman stuff.

I didn’t subscribe to Sun+ for the F-word without the sexy stuff. I think I’ve been conned. This is why we need to criminalise boring.