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ArtPopper – Clockwork Orange.

Clockwork Orange-artpopper-for-sale

ArtPopper: A Clockwork Orange was a crime film released back in 1971. The film was adapted from Anthony Burgess’ 1962 novel of the same name. It was produced and directed by Stanley Kubrick.

The film employed a catalogue of violence, juvenile delinquency, gang culture and other socio-political issues in a cacotopia future Britain.

The film’s main character, Alex Delarge was played by Malcolm McDowell. Alex led a gang of thugs, whom he called droogs. That’s a Slavic term for friends or buddies.

The film chronicles the horrific crime spree of Alex and his gang, his ultimate capture and then the attempt by a mental institution to rehabilitate him with psychological conditioning.

Throughout the film Alex narrates his story in fractured adolescent street talk using Slavic, English and Cockney rhyming slang.

Following a number of copycat crimes (and subsequent trials) Stanley Kubrick withdrew the film. That made it almost impossible to see the film in the UK for 27 years.

When I first began taking photographs for a living did I pursue transcultural projects, modernism or the emergence of contemporary thought in an increasingly interconnected world? No.  I started my photographic career by photographing people.

But y’know, finding inspiration behind a lens is where work, passion and a profession become closely entwined. In fact so entwined do they become they can’t be separated. It’s like living two lives. It doesn’t matter what or whom you photograph.

ArtPopper is one life.

Last year, after throwing the bong out of the window we created the picture you see above.

Clockwork Orange is now available in a limited edition of 10 prints. You can buy one at the Artpopper shop. Go here.

Madonna – Interview On Drugs.


Madonna has given an interview to MOJO magazine. She talked to them about drugs. Those lovely lovely drugs.

As you know, Madonna is forever reminding us about her Photoshopped lady parts but I think this interview with MOJO magazine was different to any interview she’s ever given. [click to continue…]

ArtPopper: Dewed Dandelion.


ArtPopper: Inspiration can come at any time, from anything anywhere. Some say it is an uncontrollable need to create something. Inspiration can come from a television program, a film, reading a book, memories or life changing events.

Take that picture above for example. It’s called DEWED DANDELION and it’s by Mike D.W aka Artpopper. [click to continue…]

Abbey Clancy Has A Nice Mum.


Abbey Clancy and her mum Karen Sullivan have been featured in this month’s issue of RED magazine.

If you’re wondering if they were featured in RED because they’ve been running their own mother-daughter porn site, they haven’t.

No, when your daughter flashes her underwear in grown up magazines lady journalists want to ask how proud you feel  – while kissing your ass. [click to continue…]

Miss Lebanon – From Fail To Oblivion.


Welcome to another slow-assed news day where nothing is going on except the moronic mumblings of those moron magnets in the Celebrity Big Brother house. And Miss Lebanon.

Before Miss Lebanon jumped on a plane bound for the Miss Universe contest she was given two clear instructions by her government. [click to continue…]

Buy-to-Let Lending – Massive Rises.


Sponsored Article: According to data published earlier this month interest rates for savers have fuelled a £12billion buy-to-let boom in the United Kingdom.

In the period January – November 2014 buy-to-let mortgages (on new purchases) rose by some 34 per cent to £11.6billion. That’s a £3billion increase on the same period last year. [click to continue…]

Kim Kardashian: Black to Black.


Cummy cakes, Kim Kardashian was at the BET Honors Awards on Saturday night. BET stands for Black Entertainment Television.

As you know Kim Kardashian has dedicated her entire life to making sure that we see glorious press pictures of her Botoxed forehead and her Botoxed bum every single day. But on Saturday night at the BET Awards nobody even noticed her. [click to continue…]

Lindsay Lohan Broke Photoshop.


Last night the new Queen of Liquefy, Lindsay Lohan celebrated another successful week of being an idiot by releasing a sexyface selfie to her Instagram. Unfortunately it looks like she ‘shopped’ herself using a broken version of Photoshop and the ‘greasy trash in a trash bag’ tool.

Yes, it appears that Lindsay Lohan’s project manager decided to take a nap on a pile of stolen artefacts instead of going over this picture (above) with a magnifying glass – LIKE HE’S SUPPOSED TO DO – because another ‘My Body by Still Learning To Use The Fool Filter’ has caused the World Wide Web to shudder with laughter. [click to continue…]