Game Of Drones.

by Mike D.W on April 18, 2014

Thermal-image-weedI’m no expert on prisons, so I don’t know what life ‘on the inside’ is really like, but I think we can all agree that prison is a place that nobody wants to go.

If television has taught us anything, it’s that life in jail is a non-stop parade of felony-level violence, face tattoos, shower stabbings, filed toothbrush handles and strangers who want to pierce your lips with a fishing lure.

Most people get sent to jail for acting like a loud mess in public or for not paying their taxes, certainly not for growing god’s gift to mankind in their spare bedrooms. I mean, apart from a majestic manifestation of male masculinity how can the police know what a chap is growing in his bedroom?

The answer? DRONES.

Drones started life in the military but simpler remote-control models equipped with thermal imaging equipment are now being used by police to spot weed farms.

The Sun are reporting how West Midlands Police are flying drones over homes looking for any that emit a white glow — which is a tell-tale sign of cannabis production because weed plants need hydroponic heat and light in order to grow. The glow is picked up on the drone’s camera, which then relays the image to a police iPad.

The Police:

“Growing cannabis has gone mainstream and the people growing it are not gangsters. They are fair game. If you break the law, then you enter our new game of drones .”

The police didn’t really say that, I made it up but none the less if you see one of these (click below) outside your bedroom window, then prepare yourself for a jail cell chat with Bubba the Scrubber.


peaches_Geldof-Australia-next-top-modelWell damn, the Sun are saying that Peaches Geldof, who was found dead at her home in Kent last week, had been talking to the producers of Australia’s Next Top Model about becoming a judge on the next series.

This tale has a tragic twist because had Peaches got the job then she would have been replacing former model Charlotte Dawson who was found dead in her Sydney home last February.

In an interview [published last weekend] Peaches hinted that she had plans to relocate to Australia with husband and their two children.

“I can’t say what it is yet, but I’ll be there for three months. My children will come with me because, obviously, I wouldn’t leave them for that long.”

Foxtel’s director of television, Brian Walsh has now confirmed that discussions did in fact take place but he also said that Peaches hadn’t got the job:

“Peaches was just one of several candidates being considered for the job. The idea was not progressed beyond an initial stage.”

The police and the coroner are still trying to piece together all the events that led to the death of poor Peaches. Until their findings are made public I guess the unsettling breeze of an unsolved mystery will keep on blowing.

Victoria Beckham,birthday, Fashion,designer, fashion, posh Spice,40,Our little Posh Spice is all grown up and middle aged! It was only 40 years ago that our very own “Fashion Designer of the Year” came into this world and brought some glamour into our dreary lives!

Who knew that the little girl from Essex would become an international superstar and grow up to make millions?

Please grill a small mushroom, spread a little cottage cheese on it, stick a candle in it and make a birthday wish for Victoria Beckham as you take a trip down memory lane.

Nick Clegg,Pedophile,Cyril Smith,Deputy Prime Minister,Liberal,party,Lib Dem,denies,knowledge,The groovers and movers over at Conservative party HQ must be cackling like bloated walruses today because the memories that reside in Nick Clegg’s head have become the subject of nationwide ridicule.

Most of us have heard of Cyril Smith, the 29 stone former Liberal Democrat MP for Rochdale who died in 2010. After his death, numerous allegations of child sex abuse committed by Smith began to emerge in the press. The police now believe Smith was a serial sex offender.

Back in the 1970′s Cyril Smith was a fully paid up member of the Liberal party but, at the same time he was also head monster at the not-so-coveted Child Abuser’s club.

Back then there was no internet or social media to help spread rumours, gossip or tittle-tattle around the parish. No, newspapers, magazines and word-of-mouth were responsible for that. When rumours of Cyril Smith’s depraved pedophile lifestyle first began to circulate Westminster, members of parliament were appalled but none of them busted a citizen’s arrest on Smith’s depraved ass.

The Palace of Westminster ignored all the rumours, they turned a blind eye, pretended they hadn’t heard. Some MPs ran off and bought pearls to clutch, while others kept vials of holy water in their pockets. Whatever they did is irrelevant now since none of them cried out to the gods of Scotland yard pleading for delivery from a pedophile in their midst.

And the Lib-Dem leadership? They didn’t do anything either, they just sat still, eating gourmet food and guzzling down fine wine while story after story of Smith’s corruption of helpless young souls continued to soak through the sodden walls of the House of Commons.

This week Nick Clegg and other senior Liberal Democrats are continuing to insist that they knew nothing of the depraved activities of serial child abuser Cyril Smith. Nothing they say, rien, nada.

Mr Clegg claimed last week that a couple of years ago he asked all his Lib Dem MPs and peers if they had heard how Cyril Smith had set about cleansing the nation’s youth, one anal rape at a time, “No one said they had.” 


Former leader David Steel has admitted that he spoke to Smith about the allegations as long ago as the 1970s and that his office had even issued a statement to the Rochdale Alternative Press newspaper in 1979.

A former colleague of Lord Steel, David Alton told Channel 4’s Dispatches program that he had discussed with Lord Steel only a year ago allegations which suggested that Smith had been systematically stripping, beating and subjecting young boys to bizarre ‘examinations’.

Former Liberal MP Michael Meadowcroft told the same programme there had been persistent rumours within the party suggesting that ‘Cyril liked young boys’ but that nothing was ever done.

In 2008 Nick Clegg was among senior Lib Dems who recorded a gushing video tribute for Cyril Smith’s 80th birthday. At the time the tribute was recorded, rumours of Smith’s depraved activities were common knowledge in Westminster. Mr Clegg says it is ‘absurd’ to suggest that he would have recorded such a glowing message if he had ‘even an inkling’ of the MP’s pedophile activities.

Callers to his weekly LBC radio phone-in had some uncomfortable questions for the Lib Dem leader when many asked him what he knew about Smith’s activities.

The Deputy Prime Minister said:

“The whips’ office in my party went and spoke to every single current member of the House of Lords and the House of Commons who was around at the time of Cyril Smith and said, “Do you know anything?”. No one said they did.

We have even scoured what little documentation there is from that time. There simply is no documentation. We went to some warehouse outside London where there is documentation stretching back to when the party started. We have gone through it all.”

(Via: LBC)

For years I’ve been trying to keep NMi away from all things political, but I cannot ignore these far-fetched dingle of dumbs that keep falling out of Nick Clegg’s trash hole.

How can his entire party have failed to notice a 29 stone pedophile sashaying around Westminster smelling of anus and dick? Of course they all knew Cyril Smith was a pedophile.

A Royal Mess – By The Express.

by Mike D.W on April 16, 2014

Daily Express,headline,pregnant,benefits,Prince George,Princess Kate,Front Page,

Oh Daily Express, keep being you, keep being you. I’m actually surprised that HMQ hasn’t called MI5 and told them to take care of your ass.

I really don’t know what that headline is doing with Princess Kate and baby George but I think I know what might have happened here.

Last night the Express’ picture editor got into Richard Desmond’s stash of booze, got drunk on the good stuff and then, just before the print deadline he slipped that picture of Princess Kate underneath their front page headline.

And behold, another fine mess – by the Express.


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