Jonathan Ross- Lindsay Lohan-Chat show- interview-prison-jail-discussion-cut-edit-outEarlier this week the world’s most famous freckle, Lindsay Lohan gave an interview to the world’s most famous lispian, Jonathan Ross.

You think you know where I’m going with this? You’re thinking, “Yes Mike, we know, Lindsay told Jonathan that she’s totally sober nowadays, how she hasn’t missed a single performance of Speed-The-Plow and how the producers fired her understudy because they think she’s doing such an amazing job, right?”

Well guess what? You’re WRONG!

Lindsay didn’t mention anything about being sober or showing up on time to Speed-Plough performances. No, Lindsay was saving all her lies for a short-ass conversation about her time in jail for drink driving.

When Jonathan asked her how long she’d spent behind bars Lindsay behaved like she was sooo above that line of slutty questioning;

 “I have no idea. I’ve blocked that part out. That’s in the past. OK. You are not putting this on the show.”

The only thing that Lindsay’s freckled ass likes more than an attention-seeking drama is swindling a chat show out of it’s hard earned interview. So, after leaving the studios Lindsay told her lawyers to spend the day haranguing executives from the show demanding that they cut key sections from the interview.

I have no doubt that Lindsay’s dirty mop of redness will get it’s own way and we won’t be hearing shit tomorrow night about the crafty ashtray girl’s time in prison.

REST IN PEACE: Alvin Stardust 1942 – 2014.

by Mike D.W on October 23, 2014

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Rest in peace-RIP,died-passed away-Alvin Stardust-rock-glamWell, all the angels are watching a live performance of My Coo Ca Choo this afternoon because the BBC says that Alvin Stardust (born name: Bernard Jewry) has followed Lynda Bellingham up to heaven. The world is always a duller place when a piece of rock history dies.

His long time manager said that Alvin died at his home last night while surrounded by his family. Alvin had been suffering from prostate cancer. He was 72 years-old.

Wikipedia says that Alvin made his musical debut back in the Sixties in an unknown teenage band called Shane Fenton and the Fentones. Apparently they sent a demo tape to the BBC hoping they’d be picked to appear in a music show. As they awaited for a reply from the broadcaster, Shane Fenton, the band’s lead singer, died of rheumatic fever. So the band broke up. Then a few months later they received a letter from the BBC asking them to audition for a music show. Alvin Stardust (then Bernard Jewry) was a roadie for the group but they asked him to become “the new Shane Fenton”

The band made a few hits but didn’t last long and soon broke up. Bernard then left the music industry but he returned in the early 70’s as Alvin Stardust a glam rocker who looked like Elvis Presley in drag. The name Alvin Stardust was given to him by Michael Levy (later Lord Levy) who owned Magnet Records.

Alvin’s first single, “My Coo Ca Choo” was an instant hit and went straight to number one in the charts.  As Alvin Stardust he went on to make records like You You You, Jealous Mind and I Feel Like Buddy Holly.

Alvin got married three times, the actress Liza Goddard was his second wife.

Rest in Peace, Alvin Stardust. Nobody knew how to deliver the glam while making eye contact like you did.

Here’s Alvin in 1973 delivering massive amounts of stardust while performing My Coo Ca Choo. This was back when music was glamorous, rock was entertaining and auto-tune was a twinkle in Simon Cowell’s eye.

No Words: Funny Video For October 23rd 2014.

by Mike D.W on October 23, 2014

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As irritating as wiping your ass with a porcupine.


Katie Price: Make My Wish Come True.

by Mike D.W on October 23, 2014

in Entertainment

Katie Price-model-glamour-book launch-Make my wish come true

The moon-bow that passed across England last night was made by Harvey Price as he rolled his eyes at the madness and foolery that has become his mother.

In London yesterday Katie Price, the Jane Austen of our time launched her 42nd ‘novel’ which she no doubt wrote all by herself with a feather quill while sitting under a willow tree in her garden. Katie launched the book she didn’t write in the same way she launches everything: with a shameless stunt.

Yes, Katie totally believe’s she’s a professional author so while looking like an insane stripper with straightened hair ripped out of the Honey Monster, she preened before the paparazzi and tried to shove her Make My Wish Come True novel down the nation’s wide open throat.

Well no, whilst her latest novel promises “plenty of sex and scandal” it probably reads like a rusty rag in a sex tape. Never mind that a pile of dog poo is more interesting than any character found in a Katie Price novel (I’ve read most of them, I know), the silly bitch is selling her book entirely the wrong way.

In order to make her wish come true Katie doesn’t need shove her bloated pumpkins down a hooker’s party dress and then drown a book launch in slutty glamour. No, to make her book the #1 best seller in the whole wooooorld all Katie needs to do is ask Harvey Price to say, “Buy Mum’s book.”

Amazon would then crash, every Mills & Boon novel would be looted and shushsters everywhere would start stabbing each other trying to buy a copy! That’s right, it would be the 50 Shades of What?

Thumbnail image for Hypocrite! Ched Evans Sister Slams Sky Sports Girl Charlie Webster.

Hypocrite! Ched Evans Sister Slams Sky Sports Girl Charlie Webster.

October 22, 2014 Entertainment

A few days ago SKY Sports news presenter and Sheffield United patron Charlie Webster told BBC Radio 5 Live that she will quit her role with the club if they re-sign Ched Evans. The 31-year-old, who was sexually assaulted in her teens said: “You will have young people cheering him on when he scores a […]

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Thumbnail image for No Words: Funny Video For October 21st 2014.

No Words: Funny Video For October 21st 2014.

October 21, 2014 Entertainment

I like people who make shit happen, regardless of who gets hurt in the process.   Tweet

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Thumbnail image for A Mess Is As A Mess Does.

A Mess Is As A Mess Does.

October 21, 2014 Entertainment

Watching a blustering whirlpool of slovenly sloppiness can be captivating, provocative and stimulating. However there comes a time when a flip-flopular mess stops being funny and starts being sad. Lauren Goodger has been in that camp for some time now and after seeing that picture above only the blackest of hearts would disagree. Lauren uploaded […]

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Thumbnail image for LEGALS: Oscar Pistorius Sentenced To Five Years In Jail.

LEGALS: Oscar Pistorius Sentenced To Five Years In Jail.

October 21, 2014 Entertainment

Oscar Pistorius is no longer free to shoot up intruders today after Judge Thokozile Matilda Masipa sent him to jail for 5 years. Well, at least this time Oscar’s face didn’t collapse in a snot fall of gross. Last month, Judge Masipa dismissed the premeditated murder charge against Pistorius because, in her opinion the prosecution had failed to prove that he deliberately killed his […]

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Thumbnail image for REST IN PEACE: Lynda Bellingham. 1948 – 2014.

REST IN PEACE: Lynda Bellingham. 1948 – 2014.

October 20, 2014 Entertainment

Thanks to sitting in front of a black and white television and watching re-runs of Tom and Jerry for hours, I’m pretty sure that the first word I ever learned to spell was OXO. Back then that word was featured in all the ad breaks. So today my black heart is pumping out a slow beat of sads for Lynda Bellingham. The BBC […]

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Thumbnail image for No Words: Funny Video For October 20th 2014.

No Words: Funny Video For October 20th 2014.

October 20, 2014 Entertainment

There was drama! There was screaming! There were tears! There was anguish! And then there was this.   Tweet

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Thumbnail image for Cheryl and Kermit: Separated At Birth.

Cheryl and Kermit: Separated At Birth.

October 20, 2014 Entertainment

Since it’s another slow-ass news day this is probably the most interesting thing I’ve seen all morning. And yes, I’ve only been up for an hour, but still! On Saturday night’s X Factor, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini attempted to wow the nation by wearing a bright green Lanvin gown complete with gigantic ruffles on one shoulder. The Peoples of […]

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Thumbnail image for No Words For October 18th 2014.

No Words For October 18th 2014.

October 18, 2014 Entertainment

You don’t need to know what this is, where I found it or what you can you use it for.   Tweet

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Thumbnail image for Rylan Clark Demands £300k For Exclusive Wedding Pictures.

Rylan Clark Demands £300k For Exclusive Wedding Pictures.

October 18, 2014 Entertainment

When People and Hello! published exclusive pictures of the most important wedding since the Duchess of Alba married that young toy boy, I thought that both magazine’s would have to close down because their bank accounts would be empty and their employees had been sold to slave traders. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt gave all that wedding money to […]

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