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Foods To Help Cure Your Anxiety.

In todays high pressure world more and more people are suffering with symptoms of anxiety. Medicines can help but many are turning to a more natural way of combating this dis-abilitating disorder.

Check out Foods To Help Cure Your Anxiety

by Michael Wheeler at Mode

How To Quit Your Job

Check out What To Do When You Want to Quit Your Job

by Michael Wheeler at Mode

Tate Modern: New Building Opens This Week.

Art,Tate Modern,New Building,opening,

Tate Modern has a new building. It was designed by Herzog & de Meuron will officially open on Friday 17 June 2016. The new Tate Modern building will display an increasingly international view of modern and contemporary art. There will also be a greater variety of artworks from international artists.

The new Tate Modern building is ten-stories on top of The Tanks and is one of the world’s first gallery spaces dedicated to live art, film and installations.  The building’s height responds to the chimney of the existing Tate Modern building. The original building began life back in the 1950s. As a power station.

The twisting, pyramid-like shape will be a fabulous addition to London’s skyline and will offer 60% additional space for visitors to explore. From The Tanks on Level 0 visitors can travel all the way up to Level 10. Once there they will witness the spectacular new roof terrace and a 360-degree view of the river Thames, St Paul’s Cathedral and the entire London skyline.

The façade uses brickwork which matches the surface of the existing museum and yet it creates something radically new – a perforated lattice through which the interior lights of the museum glow in the night sky. The interior features raw concrete folded into the most dramatic of angles.

All in all the new Tate Modern is  a stunning way to experience art from around the world.

Architect Jacques Herzog had this to say of his company’s work;

 “The form is something between a very rational form and a very irrational form, a pyramidal shape. It’s to do with the geometries of the land parcel, but also angles that will lead people into the galleries.”

Tate Modern,Pyramid,shape,new,building,art, modern art,museum,

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Beyonce Sued Over Lemonade.

Beyonce and her seminal album/film Lemonade are under fire from filmmaker Matthew Fulks, who is suing her for copying his short film Palinoia.

Folks is claiming that Beyonce and her team were well aware of his 2014 film and was even contacted by Columbia Records (with whom Bey works) to work with one of their other artists, MS MR last summer. Months later, Lemonade began filming, apparently referencing elements of Fulks’ work.

Fulks claims multiple elements of his movie were copied by the singer including “graffiti and persons with heads down”, “black and white eyes”, “side-lit ominous figures”, “parking garage” and “the grass scene”.

The complaint even features side-by-side examples of the alleged plagiarism. And, whilst the tone of each film does appear different, Fulks’ illustrated examples do show similarities between the movies.

Beyonce and her team are yet to comment.

What do you think?

Some People Get ALL The Good Jobs.


Before I start work I always ask myself these questions – Why am I doing it? What will I get out of it? And will it lead me to a higher plain of enlightenment? Only when I think deeply about these questions can I go ahead and start work.

What about you? Maybe you’ll find that your absolutely normal job is a bit tame after reading about some people’s jobs. You Get Paid For What? is published on Mode.com. Have a read, some people get all the good jobs…. really they do.

Check out You Get Paid For What?

by Michael Wheeler at Mode

Simon Cowell: Dumped By Rita Ora.

Simon Cowell,Rita Ora,The X FactorI guess Simon Cowell has won. Over the years he’s managed to turn a bunch of emerging and talented amateurs into mega stars. He owns a super yacht, a Bentley and several properties which most people think only exist in Town and Country magazine. If life were a game of Monopoly then Simon Cowell would own Mayfair, Park Lane and all the Utilities. And yes, work that smirk.

As for his beloved X Factor show, well… it hasn’t turned out to be the ratings extravaganza that Simon Cowell had hoped for.

No, but it’s still great for the judges who get tons of exposure and lots of money for doing practically nothing.

Nothing is pretty much what Rita Ora does for a living except the X Factor have been paying her for it. That’s why it’s really hard to believe that she has pulled out of the upcoming show just before filming begins on the new series.

Really it’s true. According to sources she was offered a new judging contract but she turned it down. Here’s what they had to say.

“Losing Rita is a huge blow – she’s one of the biggest stars in the country and Simon wanted her to return.

“She was very keen to do the show but at the end of the day it didn’t work out with her other commitments around the world in music and acting.

“It means we’re going to have to go through the biggest shake-up in the history of X Factor, but maybe it will turn out for the best.”

(Via The Sun)
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Wait what? “Biggest stars in the country” Rita Ora? Is that it? You say that about someone who just slapped you in the face? Simon could’ve at least saved the words “you’re fired” and let Rita hear them for herself.

But seriously? If I were the X Factor PR then I’d say far worse things than that!

Anyway. Rita leaving now means Simon Cowell is the only judge left from last year’s line up.

Apparently, Simon hasn’t chosen any replacement yet, but the only way I’ll watch that wailing show is if the new judge is Jack Dee.

And finally allow me to introduce Mr Lee Stuart, a British artist who’s work we have set to music. You can see more of his artistic creations at the ArtPopper Website

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