Nicola It’s Over.

by Mike D.W on August 20, 2014

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Nicola McLean,Tom Williams,married,split,glamour model,sexy,tits,boobs,middle fingered,picture,Twitter,If you’re squinting at the picture above and thinking to yourself that Nicola McLean has just middle fingered her gigalo husband Tom Williams, that’s not what she doing. No, this is an outtake from the new “Keep Calm And Carry On” poster.

I made that up, of course Nicola’s middle fingering her soon to be ex-husband. And who can blame her?

After telling Tom that he’s a disgusting shameless man-tramp who broke their marriage with his bull dozing genitals, Nicola has now told Reveal magazine all about him.

Here’s an extract from her interview. This is the part where Nicola suggests that she is about to file divorce papers and legally make Tom her ex-husband:

“I’ve known my marriage has been over for months, but I’ve been fighting it. I’m the lowest I’ve ever felt. Everyone sees me as a strong, hard-faced bitch, when actually I’m just an insecure girl who wanted her marriage to work.

I’m not perfect, but I’ve been 100 per cent faithful to my husband, marriage and children, and I can take that away from this.”

(Via: Reveal Magazine)

Y’know, if only Twitter came in 3D. That picture above would then fill the room with hate-eyes, middle fingers, spitting, plate-smashing and burning jumpsuits.

Yes Twitter, 3D way to go.

Princess Diana,Shrine,Althorpe estate,abandoned,overgrown, Next month it will be 30 years since Princess Diana gave birth to that ray of ginger coloured sunlight we all know as Prince Harry. The thought of Harry twerking around the dance floor of his birthday party would normally make the top of my Things That Are Tragic list. But I can’t say that this month.

No, this month it is 17 years since Princess Diana died in that tragic car accident in Paris and her former personal chefDarren McGrady says that this month is an especially sad month here in England.

Not only are the clouds covering the sun and everyone’s gone in hibernation but Darren has written (in a blog post) that Diana’s brother, Earl Charles Spencer has abandoned her final resting place at the Althorp estate in Northamptonshire.

The burial site is situated on an island in the middle of a lake called the Round Oval. Diana’s shrine is a classical temple on the lake shore. It has been there since the 1900s. It was always a place of quiet contemplation for visitors, but unfortunately it is no longer open to the public. An arboretum of rare trees surrounds the Princess’s temple, some of which were planted by Diana herself and some by her sons, Princes William and Harry.

Darren, who visted Althorp recently says that Diana’s island is now an overgrown mess. Her island is covered with weeds, the lake is full of algae and the trees and bushes look like they haven’t been trimmed since the day she was buried there. Darren says that even the paint on the memorial is blistered and looks ‘more like a garden shed at the bottom of some garden rather than a shrine to the once most photographed woman on Earth.’

It’s one thing to violate the laws of everything we hold dear by wandering around with a face that sort of looks like the moon but it’s quite another to abandon the memory of the People’s Princess to the elements. What do you think?

Cliff Richard, sex offence,lawyer,Ian Burton,legals,police,investigation,Britain’s Grand Dame of RocknRoll isn’t about to let the police or the media turn his ‘situation’ into another OJ Simpson trail.

No sir. When a miniaturised Rumpole Of The Bailey doll arrived at Sir Cliff Richard’s Portugal home yesterday it led reporters to conclude that Ian Burton of BCL Burton Copeland is now representing the singer in his fight to prove that he is not a child-toucher, a sex-hungry sloth, nor has he ever had an itchy anus haunting his nightmares.

Mr Burton was once described as “one of the finest criminal lawyers by a long stretch and if there is a chance of nipping an investigation in the bud, he will do it.

Yes, this guy knows all about bad behaviour and legal manoeuvrings. He has previously represented Harry Rednapp who was cleared of tax evasion, PR agent Max Clifford, who was jailed for sex offences, Amy Winehouse and former Harrods owner Mohamed Al-Fayed.

Sir Cliff’s new lawyer thinks it’s obvious that the world wide web knows nothing about criminal law and shouldn’t be reporting on his client’s case before the police have had a chance to interview him.

However, the internet has already done what the internet does best and rounded up every single instance of Sir Cliff sounding like/acting like/being like a complete creep.

What’s even more of a mess were those live TV images being beamed around the world by the BBC when the police raided Sir Cliff’s house last week. He’s not supposed to be outed like that. He’s supposed to out himself when he gets caught sucking something he shouldn’t in the bathroom of some airport. That’s how it’s supposed to happen!

South Yorkshire Police and Thames Valley Police have both denied leaking details of the raid to the Beeb but Keith Vaz, chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee says that someone did and he intends to find out who that was. He’s written to the director general of the BBC,  Lord Tony Halland and to David Crompton, chief constable of South Yorkshire demanding their detailed explanations.

Both men are now facing an appearance in front of MPs next month.

Employing a successful lawyer like Ian Burton has to be a good move by Sir Cliff, I mean what judge will rule against a lawyer who carries a fancy Louis Vuitton briefcase. You know a man’s serious when he carries a Louis Vuitton briefcase.


David cameron,soft porn,Rihanna,Miley Cyrus,pilot scheme,Youtube,British Board of Film Classification,semi pornographic music videos,legislation,Our esteemed leader, David Cameron says that he feels our pain whenever he sees recycled trash like Miley Cyrus terrorising our children with videos of hairless beavers gasping for breath whilst being strangled in undersized leotards.

Yes it’s true, Mr Cameron says that the government may be deaf, but it’s not blind. They fully understand why decent minded parents freak out whenever they come face to face with the thong-chafed bum cheeks of songsters like Miley Cyrus and Rihanna. He recognises the growing parental concern over the soft-porn nature of many pop videos being broadcast online today and has pledged to crack down on them in a new Government policy.

Today the Prime Minister announced that under a pilot scheme with YouTube and the British Board of Film Classification  semi pornographic music videos which are posted online will have to carry movie-style age restrictions. The scheme will come into effect this October.

Essentially what HM Gov are saying is that the bar for obscene tinseltown debauchery is being raised which means that Miley Cyrus and her minge quivering friends will have to pass a ‘family friendly’ test before being allowed into the online lives of our children.

I get this move by HM Gov and I fully support it, after all who wants to see our children learning the dubious art of sticking their tongues out whilst grinding the air out of a giant inflatable penis.

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