Kim Kardashian – A Daily Mail Obsession.

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Oh look everyone the hallowed Daily Mail has run yet another picture of their favourite lump, KIM KARDASHIAN. Seriously, this online tabloid is fixated with this woman like BBC News24 are fixated with the weather forecast.

Having said that the bank plank who looks after NMi’s overdraft says that we should to pay attention Kim Kardashian every 5 seconds or he’ll withdraw our facility.

So ching ching ding-a-ling lets write this damn thing.

Day after dumb-downing day this ridiculous newspaper publishes one Kim Kardashian picture after another. Kim Karflashian – it’s like she was their picture editor!

I honestly think that if you refreshed the Daily Mail’s archives with a brillo pad you’d still never eclipse Kim’s ferret freak face from their website.

I mean take Kim’s donk for example, that’s probably the world’s most un-eclipsble object since Katie Price’s breast implants exploded in a microwave.

While I’m sure that Kim Kardashian is considered to be one of Fleet Street’s finest haute coutures the MailOnline does rather overdo this Armenian lump. Obviously Kim Kardashian has never said no to anything – exploitation, golden showers, a mother pinning her soul down with a dagger. Next stop: Anal. But please will someone tell the Daily Mail to stop with their delusional dreams of a world wide web ruled over by the Kardashian family.

And another thing. When Kim bares her cumbersome self applauding backside can’t the Daily Mail at least try to contain her ‘big as a building’ bum in a more palatable way. Like covering it up with photoshop’s double decker bus filter or something?

Here’s another odd thing about this drowsy looking hooker. Every time I see her out and about how come baby North West is nowhere to be seen?

I’m talking in general now but yes, even on the red carpet. And please don’t tell me it’s the Kardashian way of ‘keeping my child away from the paps’ either.

We should call the Daily Mail and tell them to change that poor child’s name from whatever to who?

Aaand breath Mike D.W rant over.

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