Rita Ora Topless For Instagram.

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Rita Ora has struck a blow for the Free The Nipple campaign by posting a photo of herself looking topless on Instagram.

In an identical pose posted to the social media site by Rihanna Rita’s begging Instagram to stop their sexist bias against topless women and allow nipples to roam free.

We all know that Rita Ora is a mediocre singer but she’s smart enough to know that freedom of expression doesn’t apply to private social media services. Instagram and Facebook can censor whatever the hell they want for whatever reason they want. Which is why Rita hasn’t actually gone topless in this picture.

If the police won’t let you show off your boobs in a public place you have the right to petition the House of Lords. That’s democracy in action. But try taking a bath on Facebook and see what happens. Be the happening celeb who rubs herself so furiously that nearby woodland ignites. See where that gets you. Let your famous vagina dance like nobody’s watching, you’ll be suspended. It’s not that you’re trying to be evil, you’re just trying to remain relevant. But Instagram and Facebook will censor your ass anyway.

Let’s face it, ladies love to show off their tits on these social media sites. It’s their dream scenario. Flash their yabbos to tons of men and no-one gets to cop a feel. I can respect any woman who wants to share her tits with the world.

Dare to bare used to be taboo. Woman had to cover themselves in unflattering clothing and hide their tits-n-bits away in their bedrooms. It took the famous, the progressive,  show biz and Hollywood to say, “Here are my boobs, take a good look baby cos you ain’t getting any.”

Just imagine how many jobs for EU migrants naked boobs have created. Check out Polish women for example, a lot of them have huge boobs. They also seem like hard workers and solid additions to our multicultural pie. Open tops, open borders, I stand with a lady and her breasts.

And besides anything else, Rita Ora is just trying to keep her name in the papers here as the world forgets her ‘How We Do’ music.

If her nipples ever do break out on social media then she shall be my Celebrity Queen.

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