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Social Media For Artists And Creatives.

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For artists and creative people word-of-mouth has always been one of the most powerful forms of communication. In the digital age in which we all now live Social Media IS that word-of-mouth communication.

Not only has Social Media changed the way in which we socialise it’s also changed the way in which we market our wares. In recent years Social Media has become one of the most powerful forms of marketing known to mankind.

Here’s some interesting facts. There are just over 3 billion active Internet users on Planet Earth. Nearly 2.1 billion of them have Social Media accounts.

Every artist wants to be seen and every creative wants to be noticed. Very often even the most talented of people have little or no time to develop a meaningful presence on Social Media. That’s why we’re here.

NMi is a specialist social media marketing agency. We represent only the artistic, the ingenious and the creative. Our mission is to create conversation and promote you on the world’s Social Media platforms. In this way your art, your ingenious inventions and beautiful creativity will become visible to an ever increasing number of people.

And that means an increase in the sales of your artwork or products.

NMi handle Facebook and Twitter management, blog development, video content, e-newsletters, online reputation management and content creation.

As your social-media emissaries, we will grow your followers, increase your reach and generate long-lasting brand-based dialogues which will significantly expand your online presence.

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Simply put NMi’s specialist team have developed the best possible insights when it comes to the successful management of artistic people, on any social media network.

Thanks to continual testing and research our social media marketing techniques will achieve the kind of results you’ve always hoped for.

Better still, we will empower you with clear reports to show exactly what impact we’re having and how NMi is a vital component to your Social Media success.

So, if you’re a creative, an artist or an ingenious inventor and want to get your talent seen on Social Media then email us at artpopper@newsmediaimages.com.