Abby Cohen: I Want Happiness.

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If you pronounce ‘I want Happiness’ in a Russian accent very very slowly you’ll find that it sounds rather different to the way that it’s written. Once you stopped giggling you’ll begin to understand why life without a ‘peenacalada’ can be a sad one. Just ask scorned wife Abby Cohen.

When Abby married rugby star, Ben Cohen back in 2003 all she wanted was love, happiness, security, more love, loyalty and above all trust. What she got was pain, infidelity and humiliation. Poor Abby Cohen.

Abby and Ben separated last September, a year after he’d danced the night away on Strictly Come Dancing with beauty à la beast Kristina Rihanoff. Rumours of rompous between Ben and Kristina flooded the tabloids. All were denied.

As avid readers of gossip will know this story really does have everything. It has a scorned wife, a shameless husband and an even more shameless mattress missy. What more could you want?

Last Sunday Abbey took to Twitter to tweet-slap Kristina with a lesson on karma. See below.

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By the time you’ve hired a social media coordinator, you’re already screwed. You’ve now named your battle and it’s against the troll armies of Twitter.

Yes, when hundreds of trolling tweeters saw that tweet from Abby Cohen they took to their sweat drenched keyboards and threw as many twat-balls at her as they could. Essentially what they were saying was that Abby’s tweet was as “pathetic” as pathetic could be.

Kristina also hit back and told anyone who supported Abby Cohen “to get a life” and STFU.  Today she turned the knife even further into her rival’s heart when she revealed her evil plan to publish a tell-all book detailing everything that’s happened between her and Abby’s husband.

Oh dear. ‘What a difference a tweet makes, one-four oh little letters, brought the fun and the followers, where there used to be pain’ (Thanks Dina)

Twitter sucks by the way. Block yourself.

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