NewsMediaImages.com is operated under license by News Media Images Limited. NewsMediaImages.com is a pop culture web site that started it’s sorry life back in 2009. We are News Jackers! This means everyone else does all the work while we sit here, drink tea and throw dubious commentry through the broken gates of the internet. The site is written mostly by Mike D.W (which means he really should do something about getting a life) Dolly Molly, an out of work make-up artist, Celebrity Shade, who really should know better and Dr Zenn, who’s an idiot.

Our Statement:

From time to time we make personal remarks about people that we have no personal knowledge of. Sometimes these remarks are construed as unkind. It is not our intention to be unkind tothe people we write about. The remarks we make are for amusement value only, to make people smile – just a little.

So, if you’re lucky enough to find yourself assassinated in these pages you could try smiling too. It was never personal. Also try and remember it is probably your fame that makes you slightly stupid, which of course is a very common phenomenon in show business.

What people say about us:

Mike D.W somehow manages to make a living writing nonsense. He writes a unique column but can’t seem to take anything seriously, so his articles are a mixture of truths, spoofs and fantasy. And spelling mistakes. Mostly funny but occasionally dark and downright mental. – Daily Express.

Mike D.W writes a riotous blog. – Sunday Times.

Splendid cynical commentary from blogger Mike D.WThe Guardian.

These guys are idiotsThe Sun

In December 2011 Mike D.W was awarded the Golden Twit Of The Year Award in the journalism category.