Boris Becker – Declared Bankrupt

Boris Becker,BankruptBoris Becker, the three time Wimbledon tennis champion, has been declared bankrupt. He owed £3.34million to a private bank based in the City of London.

Last week a London Bankruptcy court sat down to hear the sorry tale of how, despite warnings, Boris Becker had repeated failed to pay £3.34m to merchant bankers, Arbuthnot & Co.

The court heard how Becker had offered to remortgage his €6 million property (£5.2m) in Majorca in order to pay off the debt. His lawyer John Briggs, told the judge, Christine Derrett, that Boris Becker expected the remortgage deal to be approved by a Spanish bank in around a month. Then Boris would settle the debt. Really, he would.

The lawyer told the court;

“I don’t want to play around in court but Boris Becker is not a sophisticated individual when it comes to finances. It is clearly in the interests (of Arbuthnot Latham) for there to be refinancing.” 

However the lawyer for Arbuthnot Latham, Matthew Abraham retorted,

“There is no evidence to back up Becker’s claim that the remortgaging of his Majorcan property will go ahead.” 

After an hour of back-and-forth arguments the judge, Ms Christine Derrett made her decision. She was having none of Boris’s childlike pleas for more time to pay and made an immediate order for bankruptcy saying;

“It is not often that a professional person has a judgment outstanding against them since October 2015. This is an historic debt.

 I am not persuaded that the evidence before me can be described as credible evidence. One has the impression of a man with his head in the sand.”

Boris Becker – where the money went.

Boris Becker was once estimated to be worth over £100 million. However in 2001 Boris was landed with divorce and paternity settlements which totalled more than £20 million. That debt was ultimately caused by an encounter with a Russian model in a broom cupboard in London’s Nobu restaurant.

The following year a German court handed Becker a two-year suspended sentence for tax evasion. He had claimed that Monaco was his main residence while spending most of his time in Munich. He was also ordered to pay £2.5 million in back tax, fines, and costs.

In 2012 a Spanish court ordered a house Becker had built in Majorca be auctioned to pay a debt of £225,000 which he owed to a landscape gardening company.

In a separate hearing, a judge in Palma ordered him to pay £345,000 to a building firm for carpentry, electrical and plumbing jobs, and the laying of a basketball court, which were also unpaid.

Then in 2011 the Dubai property development to which he had lent his name, the Boris Becker Business Tower, went bust.

It seems to me that having an all-inclusive, multicultural, multi sexy business empire doesn’t pay like it used to.

Maybe the BBC should give him a raise so he can afford to keep buying his groceries at Whole Foods. After all nobody wants to see an international tennis star shopping at Lidl’s. It’s unsettling.

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