Brendon Cox Forced To Resign From His Charities.

Brendon Cox, News,Media,Images,Sex Pest,CharityFollowing allegations that Oxfam tried to cover up sexual abuse by aid workers in Haiti the reputation of Britain’s charity sector has sunk to an all time low. As more allegations surface the mainstream news media is naturally up in arms.

In the latest development Brendan Cox, whose MP wife Jo was murdered, has sensationally quit the two charities he set up in her name after admitting to being a sex pest. In an interview with The Mail on Sunday, Brendan Cox announced his resignation from the Jo Cox Foundation and More In Common – the charities he launched in memory of his wife.

His confession relates to his time with Save The Children in the year before his wife was killed by a far-right fanatic during the 2016 Brexit referendum campaign. It has also been revealed that Cox behaved inappropriately toward a young woman in America back in 2015.

Brendan Cox has apologised for the ‘hurt and offence’ he has caused, and is ‘deeply apologetic’ for his behaviour.

Yeah right, you got caught Brendon Cox. You thought the general public would never find out you were trying to have jiggy-jiggy in a paddling pool full of misfortune. That’s why you’re sorry.

While pushy young ‘chuggers’ continue to rattle their tins on every street corner the grim reality is that all this negative publicity now means the nation’s honest, hard-working fund-raisers find themselves under public scrutiny like never before. Brendon Cox has just made the gift of giving harder.

Charity begins at home.

Seriously, if I had a pound for every time I’ve heard that expression I would be sprawled across a sun lounger on a Caribbean island, sipping rum punch and turning the colour of stewed tea. But where else does charity begin if not at home? Unfortunately barely a day seems to pass without another story emerging of charity mismanagement, incompetence, immorality and worse…. sexual exploitation.

If we, the general public stop believing in the good intentions of these charitable organisations then they will surely fail. Without careful stewardship, the whole concept of giving to the less fortunate will collapse altogether. Charities’ champion Esther Rantzen once said:

“The charitable sector depends entirely on trust. Without public belief in it’s good intentions and careful stewardship, it will collapse.”

Why is sexual misconduct such headline news?

Rational people would grant you that sexual exploitation is a worse crime than say, paying a woman less than her male counterpart for the same job. Nowadays any exposé of sexual exploitation will result in a public outcry, massive media coverage, and of course social media outrage.

However, any journalist will tell you that reporting an allegation of sexual molestation requires a diligent work effort. It’s a complicated business and fraught with legal peril. However in the past few months, numerous women have stepped forward to accuse men of using their positions and/or powers to sexually harass and, in some cases, do the dirty with them. And our mainstream media has been there to report it!

But who needs the media – we’ve got the #MeToo hashtag.

The hot rolling and unrelenting #MeToo movement started out as a way for women to express the fact that no female goes through life without at least one creepy male giving them a shoulder rub. Like all great hashtags before them, the #MeToo hashtag has now become a social movement, loosely representing a symbolic support signal for women everywhere.

The implicit core of this feminist hashtag movement is that women are not put on this Earth to satisfy men. No sir, any man who’s had more than a handful of girlfriends could’ve told you this, but from the gender perspective, this hashtag is a measure of female strength and determination.

Yes, a woman can exist just fine without a man. In fact, thanks to leggings and lots of orange juice, finer.

With such an ideological backdrop the difficult question of how a woman can be hot and alluring naturally seeps into the equation.These things can be worked out with the proper amount of tightrope walking, rhetorical twisting, and a compliant user base.

Numerous models and celebrities have come to see their exhibitionism is now in conflict with the marching orders of central feminist command. The out clause here seems to be, as long as it’s something I’m doing it for myself as a female, then it must be feminist.

Yes, concessions must be made, provided we can label them as steps toward gender equality. And nobody in a complicit media asks too many questions.

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