Brexit – EU Withdrawal Bill: Be Afraid Be Very Afraid.

Brexit-Bill-UK-ParliamnentAS BREXIT continues to hover over Britain like a dark thunder cloud our politicians seem so entwined in this madness they cannot see the wood for the trees.

Seriously, it seems incredible that I’m even reporting on this. Last Monday, the House of Commons voted on the European Union Withdrawal Bill. Essentially this Brexit related bill will give Teresa May’s minority government sweeping new powers to make laws without parliamentary scrutiny.

The EU Withdrawal Bill is like the Enabling Act.

The proposed powers in the EU Withdrawal bill bear an uncanny resemblance to Hitler’s Enabling Act of 1933. Essentially this act allowed the Fuhrer to bypass the Reichstag and govern by proclamation.

My reference to Nazi Germany is not a melodramatic exaggeration. Here’s my justification for it.

Following the general election Prime Minister May did not win an absolute majority in the British Parliament. Neither did Hitler in the Reichstag back in 1933. If the EU Withdrawal Bill is passed as it stands, then Theresa May’s minority government will be able to reverse and adapt primary legislation. Without reference to Parliament!

As a result Theresa May could make laws by decree. Just like Hitler did.

I believe this bill represents the greatest attack on the British constitution in modern history. The Hansard Society agrees. This is an organisation that works tirelessly to strengthen parliamentary democracy in the UK and around the world. Last week in a report into the bill they said,

“The broad scope of the delegated powers (including Henry VIII powers) within the EU (Withdrawal) Bill, the inadequate constraints placed on them, and shortcomings in the proposed parliamentary control of the delegated legislation that will be made using them, constitute a toxic mix for Parliament and the balance of power between executive and legislature.”

It’s ironic. We were told that Brexit was the only way to reclaim parliamentary sovereignty from Brussels. The harsh reality is that Brexit is about to deliver quite the opposite.

As this dangerous bill progresses through it’s parliamentary stages we will discover which politicians have the stomach to fight for the independence of ‘the mother of all parliaments’.

Rule Britannia ! That’s all I have to say.


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