How Lindsay Lohan can beat the SCRAM Bracelet device

Lindsay Lohan is very upset to be bagged and tagged with an alcohol sniffing Scram bracelet and frankly she does have every reason to be more than just a little miffed.

The intrusive accessory does and will sniff out every ooze of booze and tell it’s sordid tale to the court. There’s no way of shaking off this robotic sniffer dog.

However, there is a way to cruise the booze and the courts’ ankle sniffer is none the wiser.

Here’s how Lindsay Lohan can beat the SCRAM device.

We have found a way in which Lindsay can beat the Scram and rejoin her friends at the drink til you shit club.

The way is to stick her foot in a tub of ice water. The ice bath prevents sweating, so there’s nothing to record, and it doesn’t activate a tamper alarm either.

“Mojito please, lots of ice”

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