Jennifer Aniston and Paris Hilton do knicker bocker glories

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For those that want some up gross and personal Jennifer Aniston gave a party of spontaneous skirt divers a glimpse of paradise when she flashed her thunder thighs and had photographers pervin-and-a-swervin.

Jennifer uses the time honored less is more technique, probably best suited for over the 40’s.

All done in the best possible taste of course, but Jennifer never misses the opportunity to advertise those lonely spinster bits.

On the other hand Paris Hilton wastes no time with Jennifer’s ladyisms, she goes from coy to slutterific faster than a cat can lick it’s asse.

( If you’ve ever seen a cat lick it’s asse you’ll know that’s very fast)

Here’s Paris Hilton, heiress and slapperised socialite giving knicker-bocker glories to enlightened men everywhere.


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