Mischa Barton and Amy Winehouse – Funny Farms R US

Celebrity news from News Media Images: Mischa Barton steals Wino vino

After being chased out of America for being a certified idiot former sanction house inmate Mischa Barton is starting her act over here.

Day trips to funny farms stateside are prohibitively expensive, but in London they’re all free. Just act up like a loon on loon pills for long enough and the back to front jacket is all yours.

But, Mischa you gotta earn it, these freebies are means tested, really show us you’re proper messed up and they’re  all yours. Go upstairs on a bus then scream, “I have commited no crime. My only “sin” was to be born in the wrong body.” is usually enough. Everyone does that.

However I do like your first efforts and with such style too, sooo good to see you’re taking it seriously. Go see certified doom band Amy Winehouse and suck tequila slammers out her nose is defo gonna get you on the list of you’re all over bar the paper work.

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