Murphy’s Paw: Favourite Pictures Tweeted By Celebs During 2012.

Murphy's Paw, Celeb pics 2012,favourites,debut article,Here we are again, another park, another Sunday. (figuratively speaking.) This morning my little spaniel dog Murphy made it his business to learn to read and write. I’m so proud of his smelly furry mess, really I am. This evening, after he’d finished learning the art of reading and writing, Murphy presented me with this, his first article, (below) for copy reading.

Murphy spent the afternoon reading through the celebrity page over at Huffington Post and said he rather liked Adrianna’s take on the best pictures tweeted by celebrities during 2012. Huff Po were running 25 pictures, so Murphy picked his two favorites and added a caption to them. “Very good choice”, I told him and gave him a ‘well done’ pat on the head. Keep this up Murphy I said and by next week you’ll have earned yourself one of those Schamkos treats we keep in the kitchen cupboard.

Anyway, without further ado, I’m so very proud to present Murphy’s debut article for NM.

Murphy's Paw, Celeb pics 2012,favourites,debut article,

This is my number one favorite picture tweeted by a celebrity during 2012. it was tweeted by that rascal silver fox of my wet dreams Phil Schofield. This is what I think. Since the international supermodel sensation Kate Moss fell out with the Queen of the Colombian scene, we’ve needed a new nemesis to battle with on the mean streets of Famewhoreville. That’s where this blonde lady comes in. We’ll call her Holly Tally Ho Woof Willoughby for now.

Yesterday at The Grove, Mike D.W went after the Mr Hot Drunk of 2012 Award. Dumb twat got his ass thrown out of the place. And that meant me too. Yes sir, I got my furry balls kicked all over car park. Before we left I had time to take a pee against a fancy-assed Audi estate, I mean who wouldn’t. Screw those bitches. That’s my motto.

And this is my number two fav of celebrity pictures tweeted by a publicity seeking bag of twittery during 2012, courtesy of Mel B during the Queens jubilee celebrations last summer. (I didn’t go). The reason I just love this picture is because of Posh Beckham, there in the background. If that isn’t a lesson in money doesn’t make you happy then I don’t know what is. I mean, look at her, she’s the reason Morrissey printed this picture out, drew a heart round it and then glued it to the ceiling over his bed so that every morning he could wake up and look at the beautiful reason for why he opens his miserable f**king eyes.

By: Murphy, The Little Spaniel Dog.

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