Peter Andre wins custody of his children says judge.

andre court high children familyPeter (butter won’t melt, even in his ass) Andre has clocked that Katie Price wasn’t the best choice to mother his mistakes.

Every man has dreams, but sitting on a horse whilst Junior plough the fields and scatters isn’t one of Peter’s more realistic ones. Even if Elen gets Peter to Spain where he can take a donkey to market and sell homemade jewelry then ride that ass all the way home again with pockets full of supper seeds, they’ll still look north and weep for the children they left behind.

Cos that’s a dream, a funny in the head one right there. Just like the other one Peter dreamt up last week, he dreamed Katie gave him custody of the children whilst she went to Ibiza to find another life as a tattoo artist.  Dream on son.

Peter the lookahead and his coin crafty solicitor made a discreet legal call on the Family Court to tell them how….

‘Princess was burned, nay branded your honor, by a hot towell rail left on deliberately by a mother with an IQ excuse me token just to get some Princess publicity inches, can you believe it your honor.’

And the judge says, ‘Shoo be do be do wop, she do be do what?  Peter you have custody,’

Dream on.

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