Fearne Cotton nearly naked.

Fearne Cotton nearly nakedIf I came to work doing the dance of the seven veils and wearing nothing more than a swimsuit and a smile I wouldn’t get much done. If that happened this site would collapse into a cloud of digital dust, it’s rampage around the blogosphere ceased for all time.

The BBC on the other hand have no such problem given that license fee action they’ve got going on. Fearne Cotton had threatened to turn up to work in a swimsuit if Moyles’ 48hr gobbing marathon could raise more than £2m for comic relief. It did, so Fearne Cotton arrived for work in the front half of a swimsuit.

So many logged onto the Radio 1 web site to take a look see that it blew up.

Actually, I think Fearne probably said to work nakedand had Moyles managed to shut his chubby face for a second he might have heard her and we’d all be having a lot more fun with this article.

Be that as it may, I’d normally say of Moyles that he’s the only person I know who could talk for 48 hours and have only a poo stain to show for it, but on this occasion he did manage to earn Comic Relief a cool £2.4 million in the process, so well done Moyles.

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