Jack Wilshire falls for the old daddy dollar trick


Jack Wilshire to be a Dad

Jack Wilshire

The last time I wrote about Jack Wilshire I mentioned his wandering peen and a liaison with a lap dancing cock rocket called Jessica Jensen. Jack was going out with long term girlfriend Lauren Neal at the time. That was back in November.

Not surprisingly the couple split just after Christmas.

Imagine Jack’s surprise when almost three months later Lauren announced she was pregnant. It’s all Jack’s fault too, that ‘one to remember me by’ is gonna cost him a lot more than the £50k a week he gets off Arsene Wenger.

Lauren Neal has just taught Jack the oldest lesson of all – the daddy dollar trick.


Jack Wilshire and Lauren Neal News Media Images

Jack Wilshire with Lauren Neal

Don’t go believing any of this ‘Jack has vowed to be a good dad’ and is planning to attend hospital check-ups and antenatal classes’ or ‘Jack was shocked but delighted when his ex told him she was expecting their child’ in today’s papers, that’s way way off the mark. The lad’s been duped and he knows it. He’s furious.

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