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Lauren Goodger: SEO nearly naked.

The last time I wrote about Lauren Goodger I misspelt her name to Goodyer. I still got thousands of hits. Probably because the word naked was in there somewhere and those Google bots tend to get their digital panties damp and fizzing when there’s any mention of bodies naked nude part dressed or unclothed.

I guess to anyone who searched Lauren Goodger naked and found their way here I should apologise. You’ve been used, caught in a much bigger game than your obsessive internet porn addiction allows. So I’m sorry that I got you here using a search term like Lauren Goodger’s twins and the use of the word naked in the SEO boxes. Should you wish to phone google and complain then be my guest.


Lauren Goodger naked

Lauren Goodger twins.

So where’s this going? If you need some where who why what when stuff that underpins the working life of every hack in Fleet street then I’ll make out like I actually care about my communication skills and tell you that Lauren is on holiday in Lanzarote. Enough said?

Now if you you don’t mind, ‘hasta la vista’ baby I got better things to do.

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