Imogen Thomas is from Wales. Who else do you know from Wales?

injunction footballer

I want to talk about Imogen Thomas. The name Imogen was used in the Shakespere play Cymberline. It’s celtic word inghean meaning maiden but got mispelt over the years and became Imogen. Thomas is also celtic and Wales is synonymous¬†with things celtic.

Danny Behr hasn’t though. She was born in Mill Hill London and by now you’re wondering what I’m doing on this keyboard.

I’m not going to tell you who but another footballer has thrown an injunction at free speech, your right to know and prevented a newspaper mentioning his name in the same sentence as Imogen Thomas.

Footballers wandering peens and super injunctions have it going on at the high court like Starsky goes with Hutch jelly goes with beans and legs go in a pantyhose. Lets figure who slapped Fleet street in the face to prevent his name getting up close and personnel with Imogen Thomas, serial cheat, philanderer and playing away.

If I saw Imogen Thomas patting the rump of anything famous, footballer or otherwise, if he’s married then I’m writing. I know who he is but the injunction, I can’t tell you. I know his club, I know how many games he’s played and how long he’s been playing for them.

Most reasonable people will never guess this, most girls would need initials by now but for some of the die hard football boys out there they already know that this footballer not only plays for a top premiership club (but not his country), he’s also won every domestic honor several times over and is probably hoping he’ll get another year out of his aging legs.

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