Prince William naked.

If you’re getting tired of the Royal wedding on the magic roundabout that is Sky News you won’t find much respite in the Sunday papers this weekend I’m afraid.

Fair enough, it’s the last Sunday before the ‘big day’ (big day,I love that phrase, so gangsta) one can expect some of the duller crayons in Fleet street to have colored in their front pages with every conceivable shade of Middleton.

I found this picture of Prince William naked and thought it a much better front page picture than the dodgy efforts published in today’s Sunday People.

The People’s pictures showing Prince William in his boxer shorts are pre Middleton and were taken way back in 2002 when William attended a friends 21st at Helmingham Hall, in Suffolk.


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Prince William gyrating his tush in boxer shorts back in 2002


Prince William boxer shorts pictures

Prince William in boxer shorts back in 2002

As every picture tells a story there’s not much left here that you need me for. The headline wrote itself obviously. I could point out to the lazy picture desk over at the People that it’s terribly bad manners to publish pictures covered in watermarks, but other than that  I’m done here.

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