Alex Reid in fight outside a church with Dan Wooton.

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Alex Reid, media whoring

There may be some truth in that headline because I’m guessing if your boss tells you in the same breath he wants self generation and no phone hacking there’s not much else to do but to create something out of nothing. And that’s just what Dan Wooton did when he got together with Alex Reid.

Remember this ‘story’ is all hidden behind Rupert Murdocks pay wall with just it’s ears poking through. To see it all you’ll need to pay a Rupert his £1:00, jot down your home address, DOB, E mail and of course those precious bank details you been keeping from him for so long.

Let me pass you over to the most excellent Dan Wooton who’ll tell you in his own words what happened when Alex Reid walked somewhere.

Via Dan Wooton @  News of the World.

“ALEX REID got into a street brawl outside a church on Good Friday, ending up with a bloody nose.

The 35-year-old cage fighter was walking past St Matthias Church in Richmond, south-west London, when a burly man in a hoodie walked into him.

Before he knew it, Reid had been punched in the face and left with a heavily bleeding nose. His martial arts skills quickly kicked in, however, and he floored his assailant moments later.”

Dan found someone to eye witness it all and that’s your pound. All gone. Spent.

Ok, got your fake blood in?

Buy you a coffee when the shops open....

Ok that's it nice one son, see you in a minute

Oooh the sun's just come up, you get the pictures ok?

I don’t mean to tell Dan the excellent how to do his job, no sir…..however I might have looked into that arrest a bit further. Who? The man who attacked reid of course, he was arrested right? No. He wasn’t arrested. Oh.

Dan could have mentioned how the streets of Richmond are usually so peopled up you can hardly move and how fortunate that was for Alex who was able to see his assailant coming. No people around is good for fighting men in hoodies.

I can’t expect Dan to mention anything about the early morning light because he’s no photographer. I am, and that light is around 6am.

I feel sure that this story is genuine, on the level. I do, I really really do. I can’t believe the news of the World could ……….
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