Ryan Giggs had 8 year affair with his brother’s wife.

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News of the World front page

I can’t climb over Rupert Murdock’s pay wall fast enough this morning. It seems that whilst Ryan Gigg’s was looking the other way and gagging Imogen Thomas, his sister in law Natasha slipped quietly up the Wapping road and told the News of the World all about her 8 year affair with her brother-in-law.

Natasha tells a sordid story of eight years of sex deception and guilt. It’s only a matter of time before the keywords #affair #sister-in-law and #Natasha are added to #RyanGiggs #injuction and #ImogenThomas as Goggles top searched words of the week. I know I know, up there with #free porn.

The screws have splashed Natasha’s story across 5 pages. They tell of an eight year affair that began back in 2003 and ended in April this year when Ryan’s afair with Imogen Thomas stole a place on every front page bar the Financial Times.

In 2005 Natasha married Gigg’s brother Rhodri. The report tells of  romps with Ryan the day after the birth of his first child in 2003. Romps with Ryan the day after the birth of his second child in 2006 whilst wife Stacy was still in hospital. There were more romps with Ryan when Natasha was pregnant with his brother Rhodri’s child in 2005. Nataasha talks of being in bed with Ryan’s brother Rhodri when Ryan called and pestered her into a meeting at the De Vere Belfry hotel, where they had sex again.

In 2007 the affair came to an end after Rhodri discovered text messages on Natasha’s phone. Before he could establish who they were from he smashed the phone. Clever Natasha had stored Ryan’s number under UKW, (you know who) and Rhodri not being blessed with a head full of smarts never worked out that his brother was sleeping with his wife.  But the incident led to a postponement of their marriage.

By 2009 everyone apart from Rhodri and Stacy seemed to know Manchester’s worst kept secret. When Natasha was approached by a random stranger in a club asked, “Is this true are you sleeping with Ryan Giggs, your brother in law” she knew it was only a matter of time before her guilty secret came out.

In 2010 Natasha married Rhodri and in the Sept of that year the couple threw a celebration party. Ryan Giggs did not attend, he was at China White’s in London that evening where he met Imogen Thomas for the first time.

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