Myleene Klass: Eat this.

Myleene Klass Look Magazine stockings sexy Mom underwear pictures celebrity

Myleene Klass wears make up for legs - stockings

For all you freaks out there who like to wear womens clothes whip out your notepads and jot down, stockings – best make up for legs.

While vamping her eat this’ pose for Look Magazine, Mylene Klass said:

‘Holding this pose is the biggest workout I’ve done in months. My stomach muscles are aching!’.

She’s got my attention at biggest, like any woman would saying shit like that – it gives me growing pains. If there’s any sexier Mom-ass out I’ll tear Myleene’s poster down and give Louie Spence a turn on the porn wall.

I’m lost for words so this’ll have to do.


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