Lindsay Lohan: Jail Break.

Lindsay Lohan jail sentence 4 hours 30 days released Stop me if you’ve heard this before but what in the name of gibbering gibbons do we have here? An illusion or the horrible shadow of a horrible villain? Clue, it’s the later.

Earlier today Lindsay Lohan was shown the wrong side of a jail cell door but hardly had time to pass wind before the cell door swung open again and she was thrown back to the streets.

Cricks, it’s not even lunch time and I’ve got WTFs flying around my head but in case you missed it, Lindsay arrived at the at Century Regional Detention Facility at 8:50 pm PST Sunday to begin serving her 30-day jail sentence but was released at a 1:30 am PST Monday, due to prison overcrowding.

That’s just over 4 hours. I spent more time queueing at Tesco’s last week.

Seriously, if this was me I’d be biting down on a bar of soap right now while getting rag-dolled by two large males in the prison showers.

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