Beyonce: White Girls Say…..

Beyonce,album,skin lightening,promo,picture,row,celebrity,newsmediaimages,michael D. WheelerMy mom always told me to use a raw steak on a black eye but Beyonce decided to take it a step further. Yes, this is what happens when you embalm a face in foam insulation then cover it in several layers of beeswax. She looks like she should be an exhibit somewhere.

There are some (just me) who figured out that she’s just shed her old freckled human shell and left it over at the family’s plastic surgeon.Beyonce,album,skin lightening,promo,picture,row,celebrity,newsmediaimages,michael D. Wheeler

Some say she’s trying to get cast in the next Celebrity Rehab while others believe Beyonce is cheating a whole world of thought by injecting lemons into her cheeks giving her that cement lemonade look.

On the other hand, some think she’s had her skin lightened.

But it’s none of those.

The Sun (experts) say that Beyonce’s poreless mannequin-like appearance in this promo picture (above) for album no 4 is due to the lighting used in the studio.

A face like that just makes me want to move to Beverly Hills, marry a plastic surgeon(ess) and become a reality star.

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