Blind Item: Too Easy.

blind item,family,secret,gayWelcome to another slow-mo Friday. When I saw today’s Blind it made every font on my keyboard burst out with laughter. My retina’s are slurring so much that I still can’t take what they’re looking at seriously.

Throw a side-eye at this.

‘This celebrity split was definitely shocking, but the divorce will be smooth sailing. The reason: the husband knows a scandalous secret about his wife’s respectable family that she is desperately trying to keep it quiet. She will make sure the divorce is amicable because she would be very upset if people found out her father is not what he appears to be: he’s a deeply closeted gay and a bitter man.’

( Via Blind Gossip)

Clues. He’s one of ours, she’s one of theirs.

I can totally see {husband} walking out in a goat’s head one day and telling little {wife} that he just wanted to point a jerky finger in her face and say,”No I Won’t tell that.”

Then he’ll lick the tears rolling down her cheeks and run off cackling into the night.

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