Denise Welch Caught Having Another Affair.

by Mike D.W on January 29, 2012

in Celebrity

Denise Welch,affair,Lincoln Townly,Tim Healy,sex,unfaithful,caught,celebrity,loose women,newsmediaimages,@mikedwheeler,Have you ever fantasized about having an affair with a Loose Woman? Yeah? Then you’re obviously twisted in the brains. The last time Denise Welch was caught with her tongue in the naughty jar was when she propositioned Michael Madsen in the CBB house.

Madsen said no at the time because Denise is the sort of person you have an affair with for publicity and we all know that not all publicity is good publicity.

The Sunday Mirror are giving some front page publicity this morning to one guy who was willing to have sex with Denise. Welcome Lincoln Townley to the bright happy world of a Sunday morning sex scandal. Lincoln, 39 is a party organizer from Hampstead London.

I don’t know if Lincoln thought Denise, 53 was a wife, a girlfriend or just some woman who offered to have sex with him in lieu of a handshake but according to the paper he and Denise have been sharing ‘doing it’ times at The Marriot Hotel in London for some months.

Cut to the Mirror’s source, a friend of Lincoln’s.

“She told Lincoln she loved him and she was going to announce she was separating from Tim after Celebrity Big Brother. It has got to the point where she wants to stop living a lie.

“Lincoln said they have a great time together, the age difference doesn’t matter. She is a party girl, without doubt. He loves being with her because she’s such great fun.”

“Lincoln would stay overnight {Marriot Hotel} after Denise had finished filming at Loose Women before she headed back to the family home in Cheshire the following day.

(Via Sunday Mirror)

This isn’t totally new territory for Denise, in 2004 she had an affair with a carpenter called Steve Murray. Back then her husband Tim Healy wanted a divorce before realizing that life 5 foot and single could be a lonely place so he forgave her.

Frankly I’d rather keep my dignity and walk away than fight for someone who is being unfaithful. So yeah, if you think a hot piece of unfaithful is worth it think about that atrocious publicity you’ll get for hurting Britain’s favorite little person.

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