Amy Childs On Death Threats.

Amy Childs,Towie,Interview,death threats,dumb blonde,harassment,Celebrity,TV,news,Reality, If I were a woman I would probably prefer to be a dumb blonde. I would take never offense at blonde jokes because I would want to be dumb. Be desperate… get some attention?

Amy Childs is my favorite orange skinned bimbo in all of the tabloids because she has never claimed to be anything but a shallow two-dimensional airhead with the personality of a sprout.

Being a dumb blonde wouldn’t work for me. Everyone would hate a face that looks like Ray Winstone’s belly button and besides I can’t super size your emotions with my eyes.

But blow me down with Claire Powell’s BlackBerry or pour me into Kate Moss’s coke spoon if being a dumb blonde doesn’t have it’s draw backs, because what you’re about read below is really really sad.

Here’s what young Amy Childs had to tell OK Magazine about what it’s like being the only Barbie in Essex to ask how much a free sample costs.

Breaking down in tears, she said:

“My life has changed so much and not all of it has been good. We’ve lived in Brentwood for ten years. We never had any problems until I went into TOWIE, but some things have started to go wrong.”

“A week later we were burgled. Our home was absolutely trashed.”

“Oh my God, that made me so scared. They ransacked our home and attacked our dogs – my three pugs are literally my life.

“This has all happened since I became famous. I feel so guilty for my family.

“My mum and dad have given me so much support. I understand what happened to Whitney Houston. People are like, ‘It must be great to be famous.’ It is, but they don’t know how bad things can happen.”

Amy is desperate to leave Essex altogether but too afraid to be without her family.

“It would petrify me to be on my own.

“After the attacks on Billie and Sam Faiers too, not to mention what happened with Lauren Goodger’s salon being petrol-bombed last week, I’m scared.

“I don’t like saying it, but I am. You become paranoid, afraid to go out.”

Amy has even received death threats on her Twitter page

“Who are these people? Are they gonna come and try to hurt me? What have I done which is so wrong that they’re wishing me dead?”

Source: The Sun Via OK Magazine

Nope… I don’t want to be a dumb blonde anymore.

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