Oh Brother, Words Fail me.

by Mike D.W on March 16, 2012

in Celebrity

Bobbie Kristina,Nick Gordon,Whitney Houston,incest,relationship,kissing,picture,Bobbi Kristina kisses the boy her mother Whitney Houston raised as her son Nick Gordon in Atlanta earlier this week.

Ever since I wrote an ill-conceived article about Sister Wives I’ve been looking for an opportunity to place these two words on the site again. Incest Faggotory. Bobbi Kristina and her step-brother Nick Gordon’s idea of wholesome fun isn’t exactly the ideal opportunity but …..

Anyway, is kissing your step-brother the new kissing your real brother. I wonder. I’m sure she was just kissing him on the cheek while tickling his… I’d better stop. It’s innocent!

Since my name has been on The Law Society’s most wanted list all week I fully expect to get a legal letter starting with…

Dear Sir,

Let us squash immediately whatever misguided notions you may have got from a picture taken a couple of days ago…

And ending with,

Please go no further with this nonsense.


Actually, Nick Gordon may like to know there’s only one thing worse than receiving a legal letter about incest. And that’s not having a freaking nutsack! My little dog will never forgive me for that one, so take note Nicky boy.

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