The Wrong Way To Launch A Smell.

by Mike D.W on March 23, 2012

in Celebrity

This is the wrong way to launch a smell. Since Kim Kardashian’s only goal in life is to shove every act in her stunt queen world down the public’s throat let’s give praise to god and be grateful to Petra for making Hollywood just a little more palatable this day.

At The London Hotel in West Hollywood last night Kim arrived to launch her new fragrance True Reflection. In these award winning arrival shots we see someone has busted a huge white load all over her. And it wasn’t an organic fluid, it wasn’t coke either. It was flour.

Yup, the white powder you make pies with. The flour got all over that bloated botox filled head of hers. The fur-hating crazy who threw the load shouted, “Kardashian, fur hag!” and then tried to run off. (Didn’t make it, got arrested.)

That is the last I will speak of this, but I want to thank America and the people I truly love for entertaining me today.

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