Oh Tulisa! Gagging For Everyone.

Tulisa Contostavlos,gagging,gags,friends, sex tape,legal,Ever since her sex tape was cleared for public consumption Tulisa Contostavlos has decided to keep it demure and elegant. She probably thinks wearing pearls and dresses will make her look like a lady. We’ll let her believe that.

In addition to her recent legal actions the Sun Newspaper are reporting that Tulisa has also decided to gag any newcomers to her circle of friends, colleagues and boyfriends – to stop anything leaking out again.

A source told the paper:

“Tulisa is still having sleepless nights about the video. She is now paranoid about everything and reckons the best way to deal with that is through the law.”

Via The Sun

Everyone would like to gag everyone a little bit because who wants to have to answer a judges questions with a shameful expression on their face. Tulisa!

Unfortunately for Tulisa she’ll soon be calculating the cost of trying to gag people when she discovers the legal equivalent of a pimp smack in the mouth is a countersuit in the butt.

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