Pippa Middleton Photo Shoot In Paris.

Pippa Middleton,gun, paris, waving,photographers, A large strap-on gun, a neon colored gadget or a brass candle stick. Can you guess which one of these things Pippa Middleton has no further use for? I’m holding a pretty neutral opinion.

The happening of Pippa Middleton had died down a little until this weekend when the media’s hunger for scandal was re-ignited by Pippa getting herself photographed in Paris holding hands with one of France’s most eligble bachelors, TV producer Antoine de Tavernost. This caused Fleet Street’s noses to fall off in the over excitement to once again make Pippa’s love life a thing we all care about.

When it comes to her publicity Pippa Middleton has always relied on the power of the paparazzi for whom we should be eternally grateful because if the paparazzi weren’t there, we would never have this seen this, Pippa’s most triumphant moment – travelling in an open top sports car while a friend waves a gun at pursuing photographers.

Yes, the happening of Pippa Middleton just stepped up its game.

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