Abbey Clancy, Trout Pout.

I’m pretty used to being told to up my game so here’s a picture of Abbey Clancy instead. Whoever said collagen is crack for lips didn’t lie, seriously you have to keep injecting it in there or your mouth will slide off your face and then you’ll end up looking like a sad little blobfish.

Abbey was down to attend FHMs sexiest woman event in London last night but she went to a charity event at the Old Trafford Cricket Ground with her mum instead and it was all the fault of the weirdest set of collagen-enhanced lips I’ve ever seen.

If Abbey’s face was going for that elusive constipated duck look it hasn’t worked. Here she is with lips looking like they were borrowed from Jabba The Hut. This epitomises the expression ‘trout pout’ and lips this huge will take Abbey hours of daily facial exercise to keep them up at that height.

And besides these collagen injections are well expensive, the cheaper and quite popular option (in ghettos) is to suck the hot end of an exhaust pipe…

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