The Pippa Middleton Happening To Be Re-Launched In America.

Pippa Middleton,Relaunch,Exiled,USA,Since Pippa is a fine lady of the court she knows that if her tulip-in-waiting gets anymore pap attention The Queen will revoke all her privileges and she’ll be banished to a shed in Slough to scrub potatoes with Fergie.

Since sharing that infamous ride in Paris with degenerate gun-toting gangsters Pippa’s reputation as a responsible, hard-working and polite royal-in-waiting has hit an all time low. Pippa was warned NOT to add further fuel to the flames of troublesome so Her Royal Hotness immediately stopped whispering sweet nothings in the ears of the paparazzi, quit her job and was forced to keep a low profile. This may have pleased HRH Queen, but unfortunately for Pippa the media have stopped trying to turn her into a thing we all care about.

Because Pippa is officially single she’s now ready to mingle with publicists who can pair her up with famous people which will get her into the tabloids once again. Enter PR Guru David Wynne-Morgan of public relations firm Pelham Bell Pottinger.

Yes, David has stepped in to ensure that England’s most elegant of flowers will soon be blooming once again – but this time in a more controlled media environment – America!

Once again the power of a publicist’s Blackberry knows no bounds as ‘a source’ is quoted by Gratzia Magazine as saying:

‘Pippa had been considering a move to Paris. But now that’s off the list she has been investigating her options in America.’

‘She would love to move to New York as she’ll be spending time there when her book launches in the autumn,’

I hope the American press like the taste of marmalade and stale crumpets, because Pippa is about to get shoved down their throats until the ‘MAKE PIPPA HAPPEN’ campaign is in overdrive.

I know, the campaign will run out of fuel and Kim Kardashian will stand there arms crossed smiling, “Nope, I’m not pushing it to the nearest Shell.”

Source: Gratzia via mailonline.

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