Oops.. How Prince Harry Kissed An “Impeccable” Scandal.

Prince Harry,Cressida Bonas,kissed,socialite,party,nightclub,royals,Isabella Calthorpe,Prince william,Kate middleton,Somewhere in Buckingham Palace, HRH Queen is pacing up and down worrying about the rumor in The Daily Mail that the third in line to the throne is tapping his fiery scepter on the ‘impeccable pedigree’ of Cressida Bonas, daughter of Lady Mary-Gaye Georgiana Lorna Curzon.

Sources have told the DM that on Wednesday night Cressida joined Harry at the Freemasons’ Hall in Covent Garden.The pair apparently both walked in to and out of the nightclub separately. Later that night they both went on to Le Salon, where they went through the same routine of arriving and leaving separately only this time Miss Bonas made a huge show (for the paps) of arriving with her arms around Jack Brooksbank, who is actually Princess Eugenie’s boyfriend.

Once inside that’s when it happened. According to the DM’s sources if you were standing in front of Prince Harry then your tonsils would have swelled up and started tingling, (because tonsils are the G-spot of the mouth…why did I type that?) and you’d have had to use all your strength to keep your jaw firmly shut since it would naturally have wanted to drop open when, in front of everyone, the royal ginger kissed Cressida full on the mouth.

Well, if Cressida has touched tongues with the ginger Prince then it means she’ll have royal saliva on her. Mix that together with the crest of an English rose and some Blue Curacao from her veins, (which is the same thing as blue blood) then a Princess Cressida could be on the horizon.

Yes, a Princess Cressida is just the kind of demure flower the people need right? Wrong!

I wouldn’t mind if this came to pass but Kate Middleton (who is becoming my favorite a stick of boring) would mind… and mind a great big lot.

Cressida’s sister is former actress Isabella Calthorpe (above). Kate briefly dumped William back in 2004 because he was getting “too close” to the then actress. You know where all this Prince Harry/Isabella mess goes from here.

I know, I should be writing this on a National Express bus to Heathrow where a plane waits to fly me off to exile.

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