Spice And Becks to Perform at Olympics.

Spice Girls,David Beckham, Victoria Beckham, Oylmpics,ceremony,Brand Beckham,Torch,According to Dean Piper at The Sunday Mirror Victoria Beckham has become “the driving force” behind the Spice Girls Olympic gig. Dean’s sources told him she was heartbroken that her husband David was not getting a call-up for Team GB, so she has decided that one way or another ‘Brand Beckham’ will be making it’s appearance … at the closing ceremony.

Dean says Victoria’s rallying the girls to reunite for the one-off, four-minute show on August 12 – however both Mel B and Sporty Spice have yet to say yes.

In actual fact organizers are creating a part for Becks in this Friday’s opening ceremony. A source told the Sunday People that David will have a starring role in the games and that he is excited at the prospect. The former England captain – one of the campaigners for the London Games – is said to be in talks about his exact involvement.

A source close to David said:

“He’s really excited and delighted at being involved in the Olympics. It is in his home city so it couldn’t get any better. It’s going to be very special.”


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