Elegance Has A Name.

Jodie Marsh,tattoos,Caribbean holiday,beauty,It’s been 15 days since my last post about Jodie Marsh and that’s 15 days too long without gazing upon her melted spade nose and the horror show her implants left behind after they freed themselves from her body. I swear, Jodie looks like a game of origami to me.

You know if anything ever happened to Jodie, then Basildon would no longer be as naturally beautiful, roses would never bloom again and elegance wouldn’t have a name anymore. That would be the worst world ever. Lets not think about a world like that.

The fact is there’s been too much foolish ugliness on NMI lately, from Jessie Wallace bullying a fat man to Kelly Osbourne burying her face in a female Shangri-La that seriously gave me a case of the softs, so I figured we could all use a pot of demure beauty in the form of Jodie Marsh “showing off her tats”  in the Caribbean. Exquisite doesn’t even begin to describe….

Oh FFS what am I saying, Jodie has taken the face of Mickey Rourke. Here she is drinking tea with her mate.

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