Naomi The Terrible Is Going Bald.

Naomi Campbell,hair-loss, extensions, bald,receding hairline,Ibiza,Somebody needs to take Naomi Campbell’s temperature and make sure the thermometer reaches boiling point and explodes, because she’s looking all kinds of NOT RIGHT lately.

When I look at this picture, I don’t hear Naomi’s signature tune all I hear is the squeaking of the Four Horsemen’s stable door slowly opening…..

Just like her boyfriend’s sanity, Keith Lemon’s belly button and Charle’s Taylor’s diamonds Naomi’s natural hairline hasn’t been seen for a long time. She’s been covering up her bat ears with comb overs and Dolly Parton’s old wigs for years.

Because her assistant has ripped off her blood-soaked uniform and run away, Naomi the Terrible will now have to whip out her broken Blackberry and throw it in the face of the paparazzi (who took these pictures) all by herself.

You know if I ever end up with a head that look’s like an abandoned bulldog’s ass, then I’ll probably just shave it all off using Veet cooter lube as a moisturizer. That would turn my bald ass head into a party ass head. Somebody could make me a stick-on ponytail so my bald patch could partake in some hair-pulling fun.


It was in 2010 when Naomi’s bald patches first showed up in NYC >> here.

What’s caused Naomi’s hair to fall out, an experts opinion >> here.

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