It’s #Positivetwitterday And Harvey Price Is Dreaming.

Katie Price,Show Jumper,2016 Olympic Games,horses,ambition,team GB,Dreams,Harvey Price, #posivetwitterdaySince The London Evening Standard has reminded us that today is #positivetwitterday I felt my contribution would be to point at the rainbow over London and tell you that it was made by Harvey Price.

Harvey made that rainbow by rolling his eyes at the sky after dreaming that his mother, Katie Price wants to be an Olympian.

Thank god Katie Price isn’t a lie detector machine wrapped in silicone and orange wax strips, because I’d be embarassed to live in a world where genuine Olympian ambition was mistaken for a publicity stunt or free advertising. I would. Really.

Here’s what Katie told The Sun about her intention to compete at the 2016 Olympic games in Rio by jumping a round on one of her stallions. (Oh please, drag your filthy mind out of the gutter.)

I’ve bought two more show jumpers and I’m going to start competing.

“I’m just concentrating on my horses now. They mean the world to me – I’d love to do the Olympics. I’m ambitious and love what I do.”

“Watch out for the horses. I’m loving working with them. I’m not in any competition but with myself. I have a tick list of things that I’d love to do, I just can’t do it all.”

Via The Sun.

Katie knows she doesn’t need to shame a horse or pull out a publicity stunt in order to win her place on Team GB. Katie just needs to tell her little earth angel Harvey to keep dreaming.

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