What In The Name Of Flower Power Is This from Gaga?

Lady Gaga, Floral wreath,weird,hat,face mask,weirdos,Earlier I took a moment of silence to read what the papers had to say about this latest picture of Lady Gaga. Then I thought about it and in a quick minute realized that without a degree in WTF I’d never understand what they were saying about Gaga anyway. So I’m guessing that Gaga was just photoshopped this way.

Yes, I think the photoshop genies have dipped Gaga’s head into a pond full of rose water then thrown a floral wreath over her head while humming out some Gaelic chant.

Because I don’t eat vegetables or have any plants, I’ve never known what kind of weird alien treasure bath Gaga fell into but right now I know the moment has come for me to smear lavender-infused mud over my face, suck in my cheeks and focus on the positive.

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