The Daily Mail And Kim Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian,Daily Mail, Rant,Melbourne,Here in Britain we have a newspaper who’s reputation as the sanctimonious mouthpiece for the middle class is now being eclipsed by it’s almost feverish obsession with Kim Kardashian.

Yes it’s true. Each and every day The Daily Mail bring us a hat full of meaningless Kardashian stories wrapped up in a sandwich of silliness that we now know as Kim’s mind numbingly boring life. I’ve become so weary of the manufactured ridiculousness of the DMs lip glossed coverage of Kardashian life that I just can’t be bothered to laugh anymore.

Seriously, what does this woman actually do? If you google image the name Kim Kardashian you’ll get hit with hundreds of pictures of Kim …. doing nothing.

My eyeballs should take out a restraining order against the Daily Mail for printing pictures of Kim. Take this one (above) for example. Pictured in Melbourne Australia yesterday, I’m not sure if Kim looks like a Prêt-à-Porter transsexual or a pristine Yul Brynner wax work.

I’m not saying that Kim has a not-so-strange addiction to botox (yes I am), but if you ever want to look like her then you better rub your face on Kim’s back-side, because she’s always covered in buckets of self tan and foundation.

I know how important the US market is to the Daily Mail, but the point is here in Britain we don’t care, and we’re never going to care, about an Armenian reality star that the Americans dragged up from the bottom of a homemade porn film.

I know, I’m ranting now. Maybe I should’ve posted this on instead.

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