Kylie Minogue Is Now On Display At The (_!_) Gallery.

Kylie Minogue,naked,bottom,bum,video,pictures,Katerina Jebb,Lurid TV, (_!_)The answer to the question, Does true love last forever? has just been answered by this video of Kylie Minogue’s naked bottom.

Yes, today is the day that the impossible dream and the meaning of love have joined hands in a spoof video by British artist Katerina Jebb.

How can an artist who has kept the love dreams of the nation alive not find herself cast in bronze and placed on Trafalgar Square’s fourth plinth forever? How can an artist who has inspired me to use the word “LOVE” twice in one paragraph not be hung in the Saatchi gallery until the end of time?


Kylie and Katerina should now sit us all down in front of a juice box, then with beautiful hand puppets they should tell us why Daddy is moving out.

(_!_) (_!_) (_!_) (_!_) (_!_) (_!_) (_!_) (_!_) (_!_) (_!_) (_!_) (_!_) (_!_) (_!_)

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