Kate Middleton: Bottomless.

Kate Middleton,Naked,vagina,bottomless,bikini,franceSince the British media all know they’ll be flogged by the British Media if they ever expose the royal nipples, they all declined to buy those Kate Midleton topless pictures from the scurrilous pap that took them.

All the papers reported on Kate’s topless extraordinary topless extravaganza into royal infamy, as they did when Prince Harry’s glorious uncooked cheeks premiered in Las Vegas (which the Sun printed) but none of them have bothered to mention that a Kate Middleton bottom-less picture even existed.

Well, this weekend another Euro mag has brought us a picture of The Duchess of Cambridge that will probably turn the Queen into a funnel of smoke which will  enter her daughter in law’s soul and eat her up from the inside out.

The NSFW version can be seen >> Here.

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