Cameron Diaz: Posing in Lingerie.

Cameron Diaz,Lingerie,poses,underwear,esquire,The hallowed  Esquire magazine is saying that at 40 Cameron Diaz is still a 100% natural and a lady that’s never said, “yes please” to plastic surgery or botox in her entire life. So my ass is assuming they consider her the greatest human being alive.

I don’t want to be the one that spoils this week’s big cover feature for Esquire by thinking too hard about Cameron’s old nose vs. Cameron’s new nose just because those mean spirited bitches over at, once said Cameron’s face was full of melted Tupperware. No sir.

In her interview Cameron told Esquire that at 40 she hasn’t given up hope of having children:

‘There’s still a possibility of that, I ain’t that old. Believe it or not, I’m feeling very capable.’

Via: Mailonline

Cameron Diaz,Lingerie,poses,underwear,

Well. If Miss Cameron ever wants to become a goddess of childbirth then she’ll be needing either a simulator or the services of a simple man-fool. Should she choose the man-fool option then she needs to up her game a bit. Cameron Diaz,Lingerie,underwear,esquire,

Yes, all Cameron needs to do is cut up her nectar card and fire her stylist because I think Esquire have it about right here. All Cameron should ever wear is a torn top bought from a petrol station and a pair of eff me boots stolen from a bowling alley.

Source: First Look Style and Substance.

Pictures. Terry Richardson for Esquire.

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