Today’s Would You Hit It. David Beckham.

David Beckham,Hit It,Underwear,Semi-naked,H&M,collection,Pants,Y-Fronts,A gay friend once told me that watching David Beckham chew on a banana is a magical and spiritual experience for some people. Yes, I had trouble swallowing my own saliva too but it’s not something I’m about to add to my bucket list. Beside’s David’s Minnie Mouse voice breaks boners.

After David released this piping hot picture (above) from his latest H&M collection you’ve probably exhausted yourself going wild over it (I know what you did there) but the truth is the picture really ain’t all that since they’ve used industrial-strength tape to hold down the ‘unmentionable’ so you can’t really see it.

I shudder to think what things your Photoshop is going to do with this picture but the magical thing about David’s HM collection is that it always makes a man look like a Cafe Rouge breakfast sliding off a plate. Perhaps Adobe should add an ‘underwear removal’ tool.

Anyway if you need more of David this morning then The Sun have some pictures here.

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