X Factor -Tulisa. “Oh You Are Awful, But I like You.”

X Factor,Tulisa,Dick Emery,Video,funny,hair dress,disaster,Dick Emery,video,For some reason, this dreadful look (above) reminds me of when my 8-year-old daughter used to wrap birthday gifts with her bed sheets. Seriously, I can’t tell if Tulisa fell into the curtains or the curtains fell intoTulisa.

This dress is like a black and white landscape, you take a picture of it, upload to Facebook and then refresh a million times while you wait for your friends to say, “OMG what a beautiful landscape!” Pictures like this never get old, they’re a work of art, best viewed while eating French cheese and sipping red wine.

And speaking of things that didn’t need to happen last night. If the X Factor were ever to do Crufts then Tulisa would win the Best Hair In Show award. Honestly, that hair is only okay if you’re Mandy off the Dick Emery Show. Watch.

If you can’t see the video click here

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