Sir Alex Gets Slapped SkyFall Style.

When trophy-winning, wine-loving and boot-throwing Alex Ferguson tried to ‘bribe’ James Bond, (Daniel Craig) the secret agent’s mother, Carol told him an ugly truth – 007’s heart beats in scouse.

According to the Daily Mail, the Manchester United boss played his Scottish card to Daniel’s unsuspecting mum on an airplane miles above the Atlantic. Apparently, when the Red Devil boss requested the pleasure of Daniel Craig’s company at Old Trafford, he discovered the man behind James Bond would prefer to sip his Vodka Martini’s watching a Luis Suarez diving spectacular from a butt freezing concrete seat somewhere in Europe. (Anfield speak means Europa league.)

That’s because Daniel Craig is a Liverpool supporter, as his mother unveiled to Sir Alex Ferguson – who surprisingly did not choke on his gum.

“His mother was on the same plane as me when I went to New York in September. I said to her, “There’s a ticket for Daniel at Old Trafford any time.” She looked at me as if I had horns on my head! She replied, “I don’t think Daniel will want to go and see United.”

Perhaps Ferguson might want to watch his fellow Scot in Skyfall instead because whilst the 70-year old believes the best striker is probably Dutch he says the best “Bond” has to be Scottish.

‘He has to be the best Bond — he’s Scottish, they tell me it’s [Skyfall] very good.’

Source: DailyMail

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