Shopping With Nicole G. – Winter Boots.

Nicole G. ,Shopping,Winter Boots,Oxford street,London,It’s that time of year again when I need winter boots. DESPERATELY. Don’t we all, ladies?!

Currently I have two pairs of boots– one brown pair from a shop in Clapham Junction and one black pair from New Look. They’re both flat, plastic and come up to around mid-calf. They look dreadful on me because I have huge calf muscles, always have done since I was a teenager (I blame playing football at school, because my calves were small before that!).

I think it’s best, if you have large calf muscles, to get boots which come up to the knee or tight at the ankle – thus accentuating the thinner parts of the lower leg.

The two pairs I have are starting to fall apart – literally. The plastic material on the brown pair is actually peeling off and the sole has split, so they’re not good for wearing in the rain, which nowadays is most of the time! The black pair has cardboard (that’s right, cardboard!) in the soles so they’re falling apart (shock horror) because I walked in them.

Ahh, both pairs were pretty cheap and I got what I paid for.

Since I’m now totally fed up at having to buy new boots every winter as a result of cheap and badly made imports – (and cost is going up each year) I decided the time had come to buy a decent pair which stand the test of time and keep my feet warm and dry.

So I set my criteria – knee-length or ankle boots, versatility (must be able to go with trousers/jeans/skirts/dresses), well made – leather – flat or with a slight heel so that I can skip from work to uni to dinner in comfort and style.

A friend and I had a Saturday afternoon shopping in Oxford Street. We checked out the winter boots in Clarks, House of Fraser, River Island, Geox and Aldo. There were some lovely boots in all the stores, but sadly no knee-high ones that fitted my calfs Nor were there any ankle boots that I really liked or that matched my criteria.

We were just on the point of giving up for the day when we decided to pop into Topshop at Oxford Circus. Now, they had a fantastic selection of shoes and boots, because they held concessions by Office, Dr Martens, Hunter, Carvella, Dune and lots more.

You know that moment when you see the something you’ve been looking for for like ages, how it sort of shines out at you from a distance obscuring all others around it and whispers “buy me right now”  Well, I had that moment. And I had it TWICE.

With these:

AND these !

So I bought both pairs!! I got a student discount too (thanks Topshop!) I’ve been wearing the brown pair almost every day ever since – they’re unbelievably comfortable.

The black pair are gradually getting broken in and are starting to become very comfy. So, just got to get some knee-highs now!

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