Cat Deeley And A Quick Programming Note.

I’m back again, this time courtesy of yet another e-mailed iou! Not much has happened since I’ve been away. However, earlier this week we flew into London from LA and the very lovely Cat Deeley was on our flight.

I have to say it was a real pleasure to have her aboard. So polite! Ever since her wedding to Patrick Kielty Cat’s kept a low-profile but on the flight over she was telling me that since their wedding a couple of months ago she and her husband find they have a slight embarrassment of riches.

Patrick still owns a home in Chelsea while Cat still has her place in Hampstead. With spending most of their working live’s in LA three homes is all too much she said. Someone’s London house has to go. But which one? I’m sorry, she didn’t say.

I see in today’s Daily Mail that both Cat and Patrick made an appearance at the ATP World Tour Finals held at the O2 Arena on Sunday and it hasn’t escaped my attention that they were guests of Moet Chandon. Some people!

Anyway, above is a picture that one of the photographers took using Cat’s iPhone which she then posted to her Twitter page. Aww, they both look happy as goldfish in the sea.

Quick Programming Note:

Seasoned NMi guest bloggers, Nicole GDolly Molly and Dr Ski Z. Frenn, will be filling in the foolery for me today. Dolly will continue where she left off (writing puff pinks from the powder room at the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse) while Nicole will post about her latest shopping expeditions from the top of a 59 bus. Dr Ski will be filling in my quota of b-hole jokes from who knows where. (He’s a football writer, which makes him the perfect piece of trash for the job.)

I’ll be back later this evening to cover the day’s hard hitting stories (like Helen Flanagan’s bleached backside) so in the meantime please give them the love and kindness you show me. (And by “love and kindness” I mean a lot of jeers and pictures of peni… << oh that’s going way past the mark, I’ll stop.)

Mike D. W

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