A Special Thanks To NMi’s Guest Bloggers From David Haye.

This picture of David Haye taking a shower on last night’s I’m a Celebrity is how I’m giving thanks to my guest bloggers Nicole G, Dolly Molly and Dr Ski Z. Frenn for taking the time to talk shit and get drunk for NMi yesterday while I was away entertaining our hosting company with a series of toddler tantrums, the kind that gets your ass dumped off line for 12 hours. 🙁

You know I’m a control freak addicted to throwing shit balls at people so I didn’t get away from my Blackberry as much as I’d have liked, but when I did, I knew I could count on my guest bloggers to be your substitute poo throwers.

They would all have got a gold star for their performances but for an uncomfortable incident involving pictures of external organs (I’m not naming names) however, let’s raise a glass to them anyway. They’ll be back tomorrow and Thursday as I’ll be having a washboard installed in my stomach.

This post is not just a gift to my guest bloggers, it’s also an early Christmas gift to you all. So pull up a chair and feast your eyes on the freckled fireworks coming off Mr Gymcredible’s lily white skin as he shows us exactly how David Haye got to look ‘that way’ during last night’s I’m A Celebrity.

If you can’t see the video click here

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