A Moody Picture, Courtesy Of Victoria Beckham.

Victoria Beckham,moody picture,dressing gown,Las Vegas,Hotel, Whatever your bathroom wallpaper looks like right now, I guarantee you that Victoria Beckham (aka: little miss Boney-ass) will be wearing it for her Spring Collection. Seen here clad in just her dressing gown Posh tweeted her signature bitch-face from her hotel in Las Vegas.

Posh’s hair looks like it’s made from the mane of a unicorn with extensions that cost £10,000. Actually Posh probably spends more than that in a week on feather tampons made from an endangered Black Swan, so £10k is just a drop in her diamond-encrusted champagne bucket.

And Harper. That child won’t even poo in a diaper unless it’s made from mink fur. Performing in anything else would be just too embarrassing.

I’ve completely forgotten where I was headed with this thread, something to do with Las Vegas and a skinny black cloud of moodiness hanging over it. Oh, it was eating disorders. Posh says she doesn’t have any and I don’t think this picture really proves that one way or the other. But, I do think this picture proves that she’s a rabbit. I bet her poops roll.

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